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Defiant Stance is actually not bad


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I have to confess I've only ever used healing signet for heal skill on warrior.

Tried out Defiant Stance and it's pretty good. Only 1.8k heal but for 3 sec all incoming damage heals you instead.Playing the spellbreaker with fullcounter and interrupts and blocks, I've gotten batter at predicting when my enemy is going to burst damage on me.Plenty of passive healing from might makes right and adrenal health anyway even with out the passive healing from healing signet.

Now I just need to make sure not to use it when I'm blocking or have resistance up.

These types of skilled plays were what was missing in my life. Why do people want spellbreaker nerfed? Nerf fun?

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The thing about it is it has to be timed well or it's not that great. That said, diverging from strictly meta choices and finding things that work for you is definitely more fun than never trying anything out. Really the only reason I don't ever use it is because of the cancer condi bombs that fly all over the place I need healing signet's resistance.

On your last sentence though... the reason people want SB nerfed is because it's probably too strong right now. :)

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