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Mount Funnies


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I've had a few instances with my various mounts that either had me laughing too hard to grab a screen shot, or toast the dev with the wicked sense of humor. These aren't the idle animations, they happened during movement. Anyone have any others?

Jumping on my raptor, my raptor appears, I get in the saddle, except I'm UNDER my raptor. Seriously, I look like a trick rider. I bounce along for a few seconds, head hitting my poor raptors chest while I die laughing. Only happened for a few seconds, but I swear the look on my raptors face "yeah, my rider is an idiot."

I really enjoy the running mount/dismount. Except one time, my dismount had me bouncing on my rear on the ground! Raptor disappears, but I'm still in the riding position, except now I'm on the ground bouncing along on my rear.

And now to the dev who coded the I Don't Want to Be Ridden Today feature. You know, you turn left, your mount goes straight. You go straight, your mount strafes right. You back up, your mount turns in circles. Both my raptor and springer did it, so to that dev - well done!

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I dont know if you would consider it a mount funny but i tell ya any ways because the plot was me thinking it had to do with mounts from the get go. Soon as i get to amnoon my first time there, I see this mastery point up on a roof at the east exit sure you know where im talking about not the chef one. Anyways i got to doing all sorts of weird stuff been round since core release i'm an old player so I'm used to how anet likes to mess with the players heads like making us climb stuff etc im thinking must be some mount trickery involved so im finding walls to climb up. I was doing pretty good climbing these buildings by dismounting while moving to higher edges some very technical maneuvers here. Then i eventually reach the mastery im like wth theres stairs to it!? i was oh my why Balthazar, why me? i learnt some tricks from it so guess wasn't all in vain, but i had good laugh with self about it claimed the point and moved on.

I've had a few other follies and things it came accross other then that, that i felt was mount related was a hero point on same map near top east corner with the dropping purple ooze or w/e it's supposed to be. Also there thought i needed mount to start the climb, 2nd char i ran through i found the actual starting point to the climb and realized needing mount was also another fools folly lol. That is what I love about new content and exploring it, not all just about figuring the mobs out or where best loot or farms is. I like the little things like this, in the learning experience. It is what makes games fun to me making mistakes then learning a better way to do said problems or just basic things.

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