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Remove sigil from unbound legendary weapon

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I just noticed I have a sigil in an unbound legendary weapon I wanted to remove with right-click > Remove Super Sigil of Kittens.However, attempting to do so just displays "That content has been temporarily disabled. Please try again later."

Since that message usually only appears for buggy content that will be fixed later, I'm confused if removing sigils from unbound legendary weapons is actually intended to work or not, and if it would bind the weapons in the progress. It works fine with account bound legendary weapons. Can anyone clarify?

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So according to those notes, it apparently is possible to remove sigils of unbound legendary weapons, but even while they will not display "account bound", they become unlistable on the TP - which creates a new question if you can still send them via mail?That's quite a messy state they're in and I wonder if the game would show a proper warning if attempting to do so. Well, luckily it just displays this generic error message at the moment. Maybe this functionality is indeed disabled because of what a weird state it would create?It's still not really clear to me, and nobody else I asked (in all my guilds and map chat nobody knew).

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