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LF friendly social (possibly RP) guild to make some friends (NA/Tarnished Coast)


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Hello! As the topic states, I'm looking for a nice social guild to join. I'm a long time player (started in closed beta), but I do sometimes take vacations to play other games. I returned from one recently, in fact, and only finished the Path of Fire Personal Story a week or two ago; I haven't meaningfully started the Living Story, though I plan to soon! I'm a male, mid-30s, socially anxious introvert looking to expand my (currently quite limited) social circle. I would generally classify myself as "semi-hardcore," I suppose? I really love the game and do my best to understand the mechanics, though I don't tend to min-max. I'm on west coast USA, and am typically active from around 4PM to 7-8PM or so (a little later on weekends, usually).

What I'd really like:A talkative guild that isn't too giant; I want to be able to get to know people, instead of just having thousands of voices constantly talking at once.A fairly casual, laid-back sort of atmosphere. I mostly play solo, open-world PvE and don't really adhere to "meta" builds or anything, so I might not be the most useful in fractals/dungeons, but I don't want to be excluded from them either.No restrictions on joining other guilds, and a lax or (ideally) nonexistent rep requirement.

I'd also like if the guild is role-play friendly, and bonus points for those who actively set up RP events and such. Ideally optional... and I may not want to jump in right away. It's been a long time since I've done any RP, so I'd like to get comfortable with people OOC first I think.

The best way to contact me would be through in-game mail; I tend to character hop a lot so it might be tough to track me down otherwise.

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