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[NA] [PVE] Malicious and Dangerous (MAD) is a veteran guild (8 years) looking for new members!


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As the title says, MAD is a guild that has existed since GW2 started (actually since GW1). We're looking at this moment primarily for new and returning players, but veterans who just want a chill environment are more than welcome to join. Our guild is focused on PVE content (some members are PvPers or WvWers though), and we schedule weekly guild missions and strike missions (the easy ones at this time). We're currently in the process of also scheduling weekly fractal runs. The only rule we have as far as repping is concerned is that we suggest you rep when you do events with us but other than that, you're more than welcome to rep any guild you want. Not every guild is a good fit for every aspect of the game and we understand that!

What does the guild offer?

  • We have a level 59 guild and our guild hall is Gilded Hollow. We have resource nodes, the arena, and jumping puzzles!
  • We run weekly PVE events (strikes and guild missions, with fractals pending)
  • Stress free, non demanding repping rules. Few engagements. You do what you're interested in doing. Of course active members climb the ranks faster.
  • We have a discord server for chatting and coordinating events
  • Friendly members willing to respond to your questions about the game!

Some background: Yes the guild is really old but the guild went dormant about two years ago and i've revived it this year! We currently have about 10 members in the guild at any given time and about 20 on busy hours. Our aim is just to create a nice oasis of relaxed gaming for those out there who want to perhaps solo a lot of content, but you'd like to have a nice chat with other people every now and then, with an added bonus of being able to get more involved in weekly events if you feel that's what you want to do.

Feel free to shoot me a DM here if you're interested in joining with your account name or you can DM me in game (message kuya.6495). I'll try to get to you as soon as i'm able!

See you in game!

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