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ACTION CAMERA - Camera height increases when you enable action camera.

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When you active the action camera the height of the camera increases and it result VERY uncombortable, because the viewfinder is above the character by a large amount. Even regolations of the camera does not work, if i put "camera height far" to minumum the character position is in the middle of the sceen, then i activate the action camera, and the height increase of several centimeters. I hope you can fix this.

This happens only when the camera is zoomed out, all works fine when it is close to the character.

I also suggest to advertise for this option in the beginners tutorials, i found out that a lot of new players that I introduced in the action camera loved it and absolutely prefer it over the standard character control. Let them know that it exist so that they can choose the playstyle they prefer. I am sure a lot of players will like it, if you fix this bug, obviously :D.

I also want to mention that, if this is not a bug, (so it was made on purpose), just know that the feeling is not good, let the player choose the height he prefer. Good luck on the next expansion, we expet great things :smile:

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