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High Ping Issue (OCE)

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I noticed that I got high ping issue while playing earlier, but I don't think it's on my end as my net speed and ping are fine when I tested it even on US server.

The funny thing is the people from my guild were not experiencing any issue with their ping so it looks like only my account that got affected.

So what gives? is the gw2 server throttling some account or something?

I also got some error code 42 message when trying to chat as well.

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Having this issue this afternoon. My friend's game is playing fine, but mine is lagging like crazy. I got the "cannot connect to server" error but it didn't actually log me out. Then eventually it gave me a hard crash. I actually uninstalled the game because I was thinking my game client was messed up, and when I went to download a new copy of the client, it said it would take 30+ min to download the 28MB installer. It's definitely on their end.

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