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Sw/F Weaver Solo Roaming Build


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You're still way better off playing thief or revenant but this build is pretty fun and thought I'd share. It does deal really well with Rangers and condi classes, of which there are many, as you are aware. You have no protection, but barrier doesn't consider protection anyway, and let's be fair, while it's more dangerous it just feels better without it... I don't play much anymore but I think the build deserves more testing - I haven't seen anyone else playing this. I'm liking Sigil of Vision - Sword doesn't have big hits but it hits often, and you can get a lot of hits in a 3s window, especially with air/air sword 3 (and with tons of vuln from primordial stance and electric discharge). You have a lot of mobility, perma regen, perma fury, and condi clear galore. If you're with a group you offer some group utility from water line but mostly your best contribution is that you won't annoy your friends by dying all the time, because you have strong kiting potential. Anyway, hope someone else finds some fun out if it.



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