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Need Solo PvE Soulbeast Help


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I’m just a casual, part-time player. I pretty much stick to solo PvE content. I’m not sure which would be better for my alt ranger, now that I have 250 hero points: power soulbeast or condi soulbeast? Also, I really need help with:

  • Build suggestion with specific trait lines
  • Gear & runes
  • Weapons & sigils
  • Best skills for solo PvE survivability
  • Best pets

Note: I don’t have access to ascended or crafted exotic gear at the moment. Will need alternatives, please.

Thanks in advance for any and all information. It's much appreciated.

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I've tested alot/switching between condi and power for better outcome the result is :

  • Condi SB, deal more dps on single target, best use for 1vs champ, although i have traps and bonfire as AoE but im still struggle vs swarm of mob.
  • Power SB, deal much less dps than Condi but direct damg ALWAY better in openworld, good burst, no problem at all when vs swarm, very slow dps on 1vs champ.

In the end i chose power this is what i'm running atm :http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNAQJATBnEqglsAe8Cctgl8AbJAUAWbPhglwUL/9Wf7vlI95A-jhCBQBFZ/hwZ+DAPBAjo0TfaCgwlAAHq/IRlBqTJo80BAA-e

  • This build offer : perma fury, stable might, quickness, alot of evade, heal from Jacaranda, expert in both melee and ranged. If you feels like u don't need that much crit chance, just swap out rune of the pack/Accuracy to anything like Scholar or Force.
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Would suggest river drake + traps for aoe as you can set trap, use beast mode ability to pull enemies into it, then use the combo finisher from the spin, if you go that route take fire trap, poison trap, and healing trap and get them traited. Also river drake is a great tanking pet. For mobility you could also use a bird for perma switness along with a shortbow if you plan on going the condition route. Do sylvari dungeon for nightmare runes, 4 of those and 2 trapper runes will get you the best condition damage/duration combo.

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