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Kodan claw still bugged in 2021

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Kodan claw still bugged 2021 “Part of the first volume in getting the chukka and champaw bow. There is a Meta event and you only need to get to the second part it is easy but the event does not happen. This bug was reported in 2018 with many many post about it………Anets reply to a ticket just does not work, as the ip on this map hardly ever changes. Looking for group in snowden drifts or even forming one I have never been able to do or see.So a known bug in 2018 still happening in 2021 you need to buy volume one but then you can not finish it ?This is anet reply.Hello,

I understand you're reaching out to us regarding an event that has stalled and is now blocking your progression. Unfortunately, we Game Masters are unable to force these events to start, nor are we able to provide rewards for events that were attempted or completed. With this being the case, we'll have to ask you to complete the event once more.

You can attempt to find a Map Instance in which this Event is working as intended by using the LFG tool to find a group in this zone. Once you join this group, you can switch the Map Instance to see if the event there is progressing as intended. You can check if you're on another Map Instance by using the /ip chat command using the In-Game chat window. If the IP is different from the last time you used it, this means you're on a new instance. If all else fails, please attempt this event after the Daily Reset at 0:00 UTC, as events are reset during this time.

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@cloudseaker.4813 said:as an update the ip adress is not changeing even after daily rest for me it is stuck on you just can not advance i have spoken to many players porting in to do this all are having the same problem

You have to do it immediately just after a patch. These bugs have existed for years and they're not going to be fixed.

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