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[EU] Returned mature (ish) player looking for Guild


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I've been back about 3 weeks now after an absence of about18 months due to divorce and dealing with cancer. I think I am finding my way around the game again, although a fair bit has changed. I noticed that the Guilds I was in have all disappeared from my Guild tab, so I am homeless.So if anyone has room for a wayward itinerant sort of old guy, who is clueless, I'm just a button masher at heart!, but always willing to join in even if it means dying a lot, who has a great sense of humour and loves a good laugh and joke about.

I have for the most part played the game solo, I love world boss events and other events, I enjoyed dungeons and Fractals, never did a raid and have only ventured into WvW once or twice and PVP a couple of times, was even more clueless in there than I was in the PvE world!zhgsand.6315

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