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Skills [suggestion]


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A skill that places a marker on the floor where other player can touch the marker and received a modified version of a professions mechanic for a short period of time.

A skill that creates a frozen area that causes slippery movement when moving on it.

A skill that summons a mount that gives abilities and protection to players using it.

A skill that creates a high powered turret weapon that can be operated by another player. This turret can be destroyed by enemies.

A skill that creates a bunker that other players can enter to provide stationary protection in while being able to attack others.

A skill that creates limited flying mount that only has a projectile weapon attack skill. Flight time, distance and height is very limited but speed could be fairly enhanced.

A skill that reduces the skill range of another.

A skill that increases the skill range of another.

A skill that places a boon marker on an enemy. When that enemy is attacked, boon orbs will be created and dropped nearby to be used.

Have different steal skills for thieves to use. A multiple number of successful steals can give them adrenaline to enhance their abilities for a short while and giving a negative effect at end of the boost.

A skill that increases dodge distance/speed.

A skill that reduces anothers' dodge distance/speed.

A skill that enhances/reduces the jumping ability.

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