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Rolling Ace: Jormag's Fang issue

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I was going for the Roller Beetle achievements and I encountered a problem on Jormag's Fang track. As you can see in the image, My best time was 32.000, exactly the limit for gold chest. I have received the gold chest after that time, but the achievement Rolling Ace: Jormag's Fang did not pop up. The issue was encountered yesterday, that's why the gold chest is not checked in the image, but I can confirm I have received it (I also submitted an in-game report and attached a picture).


I am currently blocked from completing the Rolling Ace meta and receive the Golden Scarf because this achievement is not completing.

LATER EDIT:Ok, I am a very proactive guy. I managed to beat the race with a time of 31.160 (So smaller than 32.000) and the achievement popped up. So, the conclusion is that if you get a time of 32.000, right at the limit, you will get the gold chest but not the achi. Most probably there is an if condition that check the time with time < 32.000. The fix for the code would be time <= 32.000 . Thank you.

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