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Am I playing guild wars 2 pvp or among us?


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Let me paint the picture, so there we were at the point and so were they, and it looks like all of us were doing our task...capturing the point, killing each other when I noticed two of their scrappers suddenly "stopped doing the task" was fighting me in a 2v1 off point after getting hit out of the brawl with my rifle. then I saw the dumbest impersonation of a bot trying to play like a human, more obvious was the fact that they both stood at arm's length through the whole match and frozen from time to time before doing their next attack, all exactly the same combo.... and it seems like the emergency (report button) does nothing to the imposters

at this point, I usually let it slide but after that scrapper bot duo, it was the final straw...anet do something cause pvp is really starting to become a game of finding out (if any) who the imposters are...

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