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[UI Scaling Problems] Possible Options to Explore for Solving Your Issues

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I posted this on a specific thread earlier to try and help someone. I figured I might as well make it more visible just in case it could help someone else resolve their own issues.

A few things to try that may help DPI issues by themselves or in conjunction with each other while operating in Exclusive Full-screen:

  1. If you are using Windows 10, check the display scaling options in Settings> System > Display. Now look at your Window's desktop scaling. I noticed that it affects certain in-game fonts/UI elements. Try adjusting the slider to 100% or even 200% (because of pixel scaling, odd amounts tend to cause issues --blurry, odd stretching, etc.)
  2. Right-click on your game shortcut. Go to Properties > Compatibility Options > Override High DPI scaling behavior. If it is default (Unchecked), try selecting Application controlled.
  3. In your Nvidia/AMD Graphics Options Panel. There will be options to adjust Display Scaling. Try setting the type to: Aspect Ratio > Scaling by DISPLAY > Override Application and Game Scaling Settings.(Alternatively, if this is already your setup and you are running a native resolution while still having issues, try selecting No Scaling)
  4. Enabling/Disabling the GW2 DPI scaling Option

Try tinkering with these options or a combination of all 3.Most of the issues usually stem from the fact that there are so many factors on a Windows PC when it comes to scaling.Windows 10 has 2 different methods (System and System (Enhanced), Applications have their own methods, and your Graphics Card (GPU) has its own methods of scaling as well.This problem really can become noticeable if you are not running a native resolution, or if you are running a resolution higher than 1080p/1920x1080 (which is what most games designed their scaling based on). If you add to this the different "DPI Aware" settings each application can have, it can be hard to narrow down the issue.

However, I've managed (after quite a bit of experimentation) to retain good sized, sharp UI on Downsampled 4k (3840x2160) Custom Res to 1080p (1920x1080) while keeping my text scaling in check (sharp and readable) using a combination of these settings and the new GW2 DPI scaling option.GL!

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