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Missing Crafting skills


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Grateful for any help!Im a returning player, had a break since 2012 and thought id come back and see how the game was! As its been so long, i created a new char to get back into the game and see if i liked it. Sadly hooked now, in such a better state than when i left!

So my issue is, i had two level 80 chars, and one of them id levelled up all the crafting skills to 400 (which i think was the cap back then?). On the char screen when i hover over the char portrait it shows that i have Armorsmith, Chef, Artificer, jeweller, Tailor and weaponsmith. But when i log into game and go to a crafting station, i can only see recipes for Tailor and Chef. All the others show no recipes but do show 400/500 skill? Also on the tradeskills tab of the char menu, it only shows Chef/tailoring

Why are my skills missing? have i missed something?

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@"Nocta.9834" said:ah thankyou, yep that worked, i was thinking youd lose all progression if you switched, so didnt want to risk it!

Nah, you can switch whenever without losing progress. It just costs some currency.I find it best to have multiple characters, each with 2 crafting skillls maxed rather than constantly switching.

But if you want to keep all your crafting on one character, and you switch crafting disciplines very often, you might want to look into this:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Additional_Crafting_License

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