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Commander disappeared under the terrain, alpine borderlands

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A small group of us were havocing in an invisible squad. On the main road, approximately to the immediate west of the NEC, the comm disappeared, not even the tag was showing. Briefly, before he disappeared, only the comm tag was showing. I was a little behind the group up to that point (more people need to stop to gather the nodes), so I don't know whether it was a gradual descend into under us, or whether it was more sudden. There was the v indicator showing he was below us. We were in ts, and so started talking about it. Other people saw he was disappeared. He came back to us and went right on us, but he still showed below us. He did the movement back and forth on the main road, to the west of the centaurs. When we were almost to NC, he reappeared above the ground.

Apparently everything looked normal to him.

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