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Epidemic Broken! Epidemic No Longer Works On Down State Enemies Or Affects Them? 4 Year Bug

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Ever since the May 16th 2017 patch the Necromancer skill "Epidemic" can no longer be used on enemies in down state. Most people I have brought this up to don't even realize it was ever changed and assume players in Down State can still be Epied. Yet none of the patch notes ever state that the skill can no longer affect Down State enemies or be used on them? Was this intentional or is this just some 4 year old bug that only my guild knows about because we are the only ones on NA and EU to use Condi to this extent? If so can we please get someone to look at it and get it fixed?

Patch NotesMay 16h: Epidemic: This ability now fires slow-arcing projectiles from its initial target to up to 5 targets in range.Foes hit by the projectiles gain all conditions from the original Epidemic target.Projectile strikes are unblockable but cannot critically hit.Increased radius to 900.Fixed a bug that allowed this skill to affect allies.

May 18th: Epidemic: Fixed a bug that caused conditions to not transfer on the fifth missile.The missiles fired from this ability will now pierce targets already struck by the skill.Removed the new functionality that caused condition durations to affect newly transferred conditions


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