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  1. [aW] Alpha Wolves is reforming and recruiting for the upcoming Alliance system. Only Condition Guild in North America. Looking to form up a 30 man core for the CONDI REVOLUTION! Classes we need! Firebrands, Scrappers, Scourges, DragonHunters and Renegades We are a a Zerg Busting/Fight Guild looking to once again prove Condition damage can be just as strong if not more overwhelming than Power/Meta. All Dps we run are in Trailblazers gear(DragonHunter, Scourge, Renegade) and all Supports are in Minstrels(Firebrand, Scrapper, Spellbreaker) Raid schedule: 8:30 Pm Est - 10:30 Pm Est Sun
  2. Yeah Resolution should be a strong enough change to warrant Epidemicing on Downs State enemies again(I still believe this is a bug and was just never really checked due to WvW Meta changing) As well as being able to use it on enemies with Resistance
  3. OH Hi also when is the skill " Epidemic" going to get fixed in WvW? It does not work on Down State enemies anymore and there was never ANY patch notes or word on this. Was this intentional? Or has the skill just been broken for 4 years? Clarification would be appreciated Anet 💖
  4. When is Purity of Purpose going to get an ICD of 1-3 seconds in WvW? Theres no way you guys can't see its busted and a huge crutch
  5. Just tried FireFox and still did not work. Neither does my phone on Safari... Hmmm lol I sent an anonymous ticket
  6. I try to loggin and it just takes me to account overview. Endless cycle cannot submit ticket properly
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