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Rune help for PvE and WvW


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It would be better in general to run scholar in both PvE and WvW than to run eagle in both imo.

Eagle is a more reliable rune in WvW in that the % damage increase kicks in when your target is weak so it's ideal for +1's, and it doesn't shut down when you get hit like scholar does. On the other hand, taking eagle in PvE would lose power and overcap crit chance in most groups compared to taking scholar, and the % damage modifier would only be active for half the fight where scholar's % modifier would potentially be active far more than that.

The main adjustment you'll need to take in WvW is to focus more on the hit and run aspect of the class to maximise the odds of being on full health when you engage, which with D/P daredevil should be easy enough.

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