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  1. I'll be honest, I'm not usually too bothered about what other classes have (the bigger they are, the harder their ego's fall when you stab them in the kneecap) but I do draw the line at requiring the thief kit to be functional. This patch is the first step the Devs have taken in a very long time into making underpowered thief things functional, and that is always welcome.
  2. This honestly looks great. Hope they follow through ^^
  3. What @bq pd.2148 said about the ticks and the might stacks is all correct, and he's probably right about the immob likely applying more poison than you think for those higher ticks. The numbers look right otherwise. Make a new build with only deadly arts and don't slot panic strike and you'll probably see the difference then.
  4. Have you seen the path of exile 2 trailer for the mercenary? Crossbow dude, can mimic an auto rifle or shotgun with grenades and combo finisher style moves. That's what I wanted instead of deadeye, but hey.
  5. See, this amount of negativity is why I find it funny to play deadeye as a healer/support build. Even when I do none of the things that people complain about, I still get complained about.
  6. This is what annoys me. I was saying to a friend the other day how I wanted more sustain considering other specs now have thief level mobility. They said "yeah, but you have stealth". Yeah, so does mesmer, ranger, engineer, what's your point?
  7. This. All other classes have a core mechanic that's both consistent yet made different for each of it's specializations: life force for necro, adrenaline for warrior, clones for mesmer, toolkit for engi, pets for ranger, legends for revenant, virtues for guardian and attunements for ele. To a certain extent you can put a weapon on the "wrong" spec and it will function, because the core mechanic might function differently but its there in all cases. Look at thief. Yes, steal changes, but it functions as a supporting mechanic instead of the main event. Core and daredevil share steal mechanics and gameplay to the point that you could argue that daredevil is a core traitline. Deadeye's main mechanic is not mark, its malice. Spectre's main mechanic is not syphon, it's shroud. The core mechanics of the specs are not alterations of a common theme, but new additions to the class entirely (or non additions, in daredevils's case). The weapons and were designed to support these new mechanics and are dependant on several traits that alter the way the spec played, and thats why they suck eggs when those mechanics and traits are not present.
  8. I could work with this in theory, but I guess the problem is how you gain stealth in the first place. On support specter the main skills and traits you're going to be using to gain stealth are blinding powder, blasting black powder with shroud 5, shadow refuge, merciful ambush or cloak and dagger, and all of these save cloak and dagger will stealth your ally as well as yourself. So while this change looks good on paper it might change less than you think in a practical situation. This again for pve would be potentially amazing, but it would need more thought on specter because a shadow arts specter pumps rot wallow venom out to allies through applying barrier. If that venom applied health leech it would permanently lock that specter out of stealth, which would heavily limit its ability to heal through the scepter sneak attack. Which in one way is fine, as the traits would still trigger by applying stealth to the allies, but stealing aggro from the tank in a raid situation because he's stealthed and you're not has the potential to screw up the entire raid attempt. Someone who plays raids more than me would have to comment on that tho, thinking about it I'm not sure if this would work how I think or not.
  9. I actually liked the axe in theory (needs changes to work in practice, but yeah) but I would kill for a boomerang thief.
  10. You're in the wrong thread dude. Your Thief complaint thread is elsewhere. Staff thief in PvE is passable, but in PvP it's pretty bad. You can get away with it more in WvW because the higher damage lets you hit harder, but in PvP its not really been a thing since PvP seasons 1-2.
  11. Builds like this can be extremely useful, you can make an ally close to immortal in small scale which can be pretty hilarious. Lithril's build would be better than mine in a large organised group, mine I feel is better as a pug/roamer. I prefer deadeye over specter (build in signature) because 1) rifle is a great weapon to have for kiting when people realise you're the reason their target isn't dying and 2) acrobatics actually does serious work in this build for keeping me alive, and specter can't take acro because the -3 ini forces you to take trickery. There's pros and cons to this choice. I don't bring wells, so no stab or CC from yellow or elite wells. Assassin's reward paired with shadow saviour covers one of the main weaknesses of heal specter tho, which is a lack of self sustain. Using snipers cover and death's advance to stealth and port will heal you to full just while you're avoiding pressure, which is excellent. Instant reflexes along with shadow meld is great for keeping the healing on your target when you're taking fire. Skelk venom and flock relic on this build provides allies with a 5k barrier and 8k healing, which is great for pushes and for keeping your ally alive when you're forced to swap to rifle because of enemy pressure. The shadow arts traits I chose are the general case choices tho, I find I swap them around a lot depending on what we are fighting. But yeah. Both builds can provide a crazy amount of support, but that comes at the cost of not being as straightforward to play as a support on another class, and the fact you'll be playing with a target on your back because when people see a thief in a group they usually think they're glass and an easy target.
  12. Did you kill all three at the same time? And are you sure there was only three? Because unless you killed all the thieves hiding in your keep at the same time simultaneously, they can just portal each other in when they respawn. I get that that is annoying to deal with, but that's not an exploit. Assuming you're correct and an exploit was being used, then report the player. Don't ask for nerfs to an entire class because someone decides to cheat using it, by definition the cheater is at fault, not the class.
  13. If people can't be bothered to check their own keep to see if there's a mesmer or thief hiding in it, that's 100% on them.
  14. Shadow portal has a 60s cool down. Which means for us to take what you wrote seriously and say that the thief alone was the sole problem, that means you literally sat there for 10 minutes while a thief portaled 50 people into the keep by himself. If that's what happened, that's totally on you/your side for not checking your own keep and noticing the steadily growing group of enemy players amassing in it.
  15. I hadn't even noticed the change, shows how much I use the skill now. Used to be one of the best burst setups in the game to the point it was oppressively good, but if it doesn't even CC now I'd say it needs the forced reveal on skill activation removed to be at all useful. It was oppressively strong with the knockdown, but the fact it reveals on hit because of the small direct damage it applies is more than enough tradeoff if it only applies an immob, vulnerability and boon rip.
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