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  1. Provisioner tokens alone would be a great addition, at the moment I never interact with that part of the game at all.
  2. That's the point, there's no down state so no ressing allies next week. Your health hits zero, you die straight away.
  3. Just gonna answer this bit as it was me that brought it up, I think the other points have been sufficiently covered by the OP. I'm not saying that thief is sensitive to alacrity/quickness, although what Lucinellia said about running out of ini or stealth cooldowns if coverage isn't perfect is still correct. What I was saying is actually kinda the opposite, that alacrity doesn't improve the base initiative refresh rate, which means every other class can use weapon skills more times per minute but thief's weapon skills get no benefit from alacrity whatsoever. This gets significant w
  4. Yeah, for sure. We don't get hit as hard by chill, but we also don't benefit from group alacrity either, it's fair but it's worth noting if we're talking about group compositions etc. I don't really agree with the cooldowns part, as that's more a flavour thing for rev than anything, frankly you could take the energy cost away from weapons on rev, rebalance the upkeep on the utilities and not much would change.
  5. It's worth noting as well that the base initiative regen rate is not affected by alacrity or quickness, unlike other classes who get faster cooldown times because of alacrity (Rev is the exception, but given that uses Charged Mists in PvE to get extra energy it kinda proves the point). This is probably part of why thief tends to end up spamming autos in any sort of group play.
  6. You know, I've been thinking about this and part of the reason that 3 ini feels fine in PvE/WvW is that you're not usually building for quickness in those situations. In an organised fractal/raid group you're going to be looking at permanent quickness and alactrity uptime, and both quickness and alacrity have no effect on the passive initiative regen rate. This means that if you can't spare the initiative for Cloak and Dagger to dump your malice you burn through your stealth cooldowns too fast. Add to that the loss of Malicious Intent because you're forced to take One in the Chamber for the st
  7. To be honest, ANet could keep all the other changes they've made in the last two weeks and that would be fine. They could even split it and keep the 3 ini in WvW/PvP if they wanted, it still plays fine there, it really hurts the fluidity of the set in PvE though.
  8. Lol. Just lol. Tbh I'm not even surprised by this kind of stuff anymore, it's just sad.
  9. I saw your breakdown in that thread, a lot of the comments there were just rants but yours was very well reasoned and thought out, and it did change my opinion about the initiative nerf after playing around with it a bit. I still think the other changes were relatively minor and made sense, but after this change to sneak attack now I am absolutely of the opinion they need to revert the repeater cost back to 2 ini. If the spec is gonna have sub par damage and utility, it ought to at least be fun to play.
  10. Yeah, this is just all kinds of awful really.
  11. I usually play D/P shadow arts trickery daredevil for decap if there's a thief on the enemy team, if there's no thief in the other team I'm liking S/D rifle kitten trickery deadeye as it can teamfight a little better. Core condi from metabattle is still pretty strong, but most of the time I run into one of them I can pretty much ignore them, the only time it's an issue is if it's 1v1 on point but really you shouldn't be duelling other thieves anyways.
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