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  1. 5s will work, but it will be less easy to work with because it will require more knowledge of game mechanics. Don't think of it as an emergency heal, instead you'll want to use the trait to pre-emptively barrier your group ready for an incoming burst in much the same way the guardian will apply aegis. So imagine there's a big hit coming from your raid/fractal boss that's gonna chunk the group for 90% of it's health, and your guardian is a bit lax on the aegis application. You enter shroud and attack while tethering your squishy DPS ally to make sure he's doing okay. When you get to 5s in
  2. Tbh I'd have been happier with the devs just removing quickness from endless night if that was the concern, as reducing the three target cap is going to have implications for support and for DPS. But we will see how it plays I guess.
  3. Yeah, I was alluding to warclaw as it's the single biggest change to how small scale plays, as now stealth is a bigger factor in both avoiding and participating in outnumbered fights than what mobility is. I'm not gonna say that it's responsible for everything, but I would say it'd be wise to consider the impact of everyone suddenly now having thief level mobility when before they did not. In any case it's nice to see you don't let a bias blind you to a reasonable argument ^^
  4. I read all kinds of threads on these forums, and I'm free to reply to comments as I see fit. As are you 🙂
  5. Well, you'd still have sniper's cover which is pretty immense as well. But yeah, I'm thinking mobility and utility while standing, damage and bunker-ness when knelt, and cursed bullet to set up spikes. I don't have a problem with moving slowly while knelt, but I usually run withdraw, roll for ini and shadowstep,. so I don't have that much problem kiting either.
  6. Tbh I'm half expecting the stealth on dodge to get reworked after End of Dragons arrives, it seems to be the pattern that the previous spec gets brought in line and this is the main trait that causes a lot of annoyance for anyone fighting a deadeye. That said I have no idea what they should rework it into, rifle needs some sort of stealth access outside of stolen skills and it needs to have counterplay so a smart opponent can counter it. If it was me I'd probably redesign rifle again since most thieves avoid using rifle 3 in any capacity, it can only be an improvement imo. I'd do
  7. It's a popular thing in PvP atm from what I hear? So it figures you'd see more roaming too. They are also "safe" options as they heavily discourage melee while also having decent sustain and ranged options, so they're able to deal with more things on a single build that way.
  8. I guess it depends on context there. I see less power mesmers and warriors solo roaming for sure, and the few that you do see are usually the exceptional players that have played that class since release. I see far more condi mesmers roaming and warriors on zerg builds than I see thieves though. Also not sure what server Xenisis is on, Saerni is US and I'm EU so there may be differences there too.
  9. Well, let's apply logic here shall we. Roaming was a thing. Now it is not so much. Thieves always had stealth, high damage, and all the other stuff that is always complained about, and as stated they have been a strong roaming class for 9 years. So, if thief was always the way it is when roaming was popular on all classes and now roaming is suddenly less popular unless you're a thief, it is far more reasonable to ask what has changed than what has remained constant. I'll give you a clue. It starts with W. Edit: Beyond that, the general skill level of people has improved as has been
  10. Looks good so far. I'd echo what the above post said about Endless Night being more interesting with 3 targets instead of 1, but it is a single target healer so I can't complain about the skill being single target lol.
  11. I still used it even then actually. I never played ghost thief tho, I played trapper thief more like a dragonhunter with traps and meditations instead. It was the range nerf on swipe that stopped me playing traps as it was much harder to make that playstyle work at 600 range than at 1200 range.
  12. 1) I don't think you understand what an exponential graph looks like. The pip gains from rank aren't exponential as the system presently stands because as stated, the maximum pip gain per tick is 17 and the minimum is 5. If you drew a graph of pip gain per hour for both these cases and all cases in between, you would find that they form a finite set of linear progressions over time each with a gradient set by the rank of each individual and which circumstantial bonuses each individual had available to them. There is nothing exponential about any of the progressions, each progression is still l
  13. Tbh I agree with Saerni about seeing less thieves than other classes. Part of the reason I say this is because most thieves don't avoid each other at all, quite the opposite. If there's a thief looking for fights you can pretty much guarantee he will have a pop at me over other classes stood next to me as thieves are usually glass cannons and he's looking for the easy kill, it's exactly the same thing I do when I see a group. So on average I'm far more likely to notice enemy thieves while roaming than anything else, and I still see more revenants, rangers and guardians than I do th
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