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[NA][RAID] Recruiting WOW/FFXIV Raiders for GW2 Raid Demo, Fresh Prog, & Raid Guild


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The Expedition [XP] was a raid static guild from 2015-2018 that disbanded due to RL scheduling conflicts and general GW2 content burnout. Good times were had, friendships have still endured while we drifted to other games, and many of us never truly left, logging in seasonally for LW content patches.

A couple of us [XP] crewmates are pinging interest for those who are interested in building the next generation of Expedition [XP] raid crewmates in light of the upcoming GW2 End of Dragons expansion. Even though content has slowed down and raids are not yet confirmed for EOD, there are still 25+ish raid encounters that are still relevant gold income and fun team fights to defeat, and plenty of small-squad open world bosses to explore for the fun of it.

Today, we are recruiting any former/current WOW/FFXIV/mmo raiders in the NA Primetime Region (EST to PST evenings) who don't need the "How to MMO Raid 101" and already have the patience and drive for raid training and progression wipes. Discord required. I have a handful of "other MMO raider" friends who are M+ and Ultimate Legend raiders with GW2 accounts that have never tried GW2 raid and want to just try it out.

If you are interested in trying GW2 raiding and are interested in joining our raid roster/cadre, even if you are playing another sub MMO right now, send me a in-game mail to Zigity.9685.

You are welcome to include your WOWlogs and FFLogs if you wish to share. We will invite you to our training raids so we can meet more of you, and you can test out our raid leading style and atmosphere. Just need an 80 character with HoT/PoF expacs in Exotic dps gear and basic understanding of how to play GW2. We will teach bosses and strats in game. No strings attached on your first GW2 raid with us... if you find out its not your cup of tea, we will just be happy you've tried it.

Of course, current GW2 raiders are welcome to ping interest; however, please understand that we will not be running 100% DPS SnowCrows clears and team comps. We will be only working on the entry bosses at first, and will need to adjust to some old school team comps and OG low dps strats (#contentrespect) depending how fast the new players adjust. Guild Wars was derived from Magic: The Gathering, and with new players having only "starter decks," we have to see what our team deck looks like and adjust as necessary with the cards we have.

Our [XP] crew grows from our people, so depending on response to this recruitment pitch, our raid guild structure will grow and adapt appropriately. With enough interest, the goal is to have a strong static core raid team with a strong bench roster of reliable players who might want GW2 raiding as their supplemental to their WoW Mythic+ or FFXIV Savage/Ultimate statics.

We hope to hear from from you!

=The Expedition [XP]=

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