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GW2 committing over 10gb of memory. Memory fills and everything crashes.

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I have 16 gb of RAM and everything on my computer sometimes crashes at the same time, seemingly due to full memory. It doesn't take much, basically GW2, spotify, discord and a browser with a few tabs open will do it. I have run the windows 10 memory diagnostic tool which found no issues with the memory. Screenshot of task manager + resource monitor just after restarting game after a crash.

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So, I looked at mine.
Resource MonitorProcesses: I have 8 GB of RAM, and GW2 is using 2,330,900 (Commit) 1,984,573 (Working Set).Physical Memory: 6868 (In Use) 1191 (Available)2MB (though it jumps around up to 21 MB) (Free)

Task Manager: In use: 1881 MB (Memory) 84%

Have Firefox (5 tabs) running, Gadgets, the usual.

Not sure why your GW2 is using 5x as much. Repair? Reinstall? Dunno.

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