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[NA][Raid] Social Raid Roster Guild Recruiting WOW/FFXIV/GW2 Raiders for Early Prog GW2 Raids


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The Expedition [XP] is a raid "cadre" guild currently recruiting North American raiders with "MMO raiding" experience who enjoy the social raiding atmosphere and are patiently waiting for the next End of Dragons expansion. We look for people who already have the "Raiding 101" of practicing, patience, and perseverance of progression raiding, know your generic MMO-raid calls (like stacks, spreads, and interrupts), and have the self-drive for personal improvement and raid preparations outside of raid time. As a team, we are gradually getting newer players up to speed while also building our overall team raid rhythm through consistency of playing content with the same group of people.

We are a raid-focused "cadre" or roster vice a "static." We currently have 13 raiders with varying availability and schedules -- which is more than a 10-man squad. [XP] Raid Leaders post upcoming raid sessions on Discord at the start of the week, and any raid crewmate signs up on sessions they can attend, and your roles may change weekly. Most of our recent sessions have be late night EST to balance our PST crewmates. Experienced raiders who strive for weekly full clears must rely on other statics or LFG, but can come to [XP] for the fun socials of raiding, helping newer raiders develop experience, and extra practice on bosses or roles they normally might not normally play.

We are recruiting social raiders (Discord required), but we are a bit limited on our roster size right now. We are also recruiting another Raid Lead/Teacher/Coach to open up more raid sessions, which would allow us to recruit more and give everybody a chance to raid with us weekly.

If you are interested in becoming an [XP] raid crewmate, please mail me (Zigity.9865) in game about yourself. Interested recruits must raid with us for a night to see how everybody gels and gets along before we do official guild/discord invites. I will respond with the next raid time we have an available slot, but keep in mind it might be a while before our schedules align and we can only really fit 1-2 new recruits in our raids. Mail is preferred over /whispers since I might be in the middle of something or alt-tabbed. Please ping me again if you have yet to get a response. However, please keep your own inbox open for replies (max 10 mail inbox) as missed replies or not showing up to our confirmed raid time will assume "no further interest" and will not be followed up.

Who are we recruiting:

  • WOW and FFXIV players with raiding backgrounds -- Even if you actively sub to other games, we expect you to come prepared and practiced before our raid sessions. Please share some of your previous raiding experience and progression style, and where you are at with GW2 raiding.
  • GW2 raiders without any "GW2 elitist/meta culture" -- Historically, we have had plenty of "GW2 elite player" saying they can play any role and show of their 100CM fractal titles, yet they cannot adjust their gameplay and fall apart when forced to actually do old boss mechanics they normally skip. Less experienced GW2 raiders are welcome as long as you commit to self-improvement, practice, and raid prep before our raid sessions. Please share where you are in GW2 raiding, and where you personally have room for improvement. Self-awareness is key.
  • Another raid leader/teacher -- The [XP] Guild Leader is essentially the "executive producer" that can recruit, schedule, and establish the weekly raid sessions, but the [XP] Raid leader is the "director" that runs each actual raid session. We schedule raids weekly based on the current Raid Leader's schedule. Must be patient with our newer raiders and know how to manage LFG pugs. Please share your teaching experience (or if you have any video/streams of examples of your teaching style) and we can chat further with our current [XP] Raid Leadership team.

This is what [XP] is NOT:

  • We are NOT a weekly full clear static yet -- We are still on early progression with a lot of brand new GW2 raiders. Our raid sessions are not static each week... times are subject to the personal weekly availability of the raid leaders.
  • We are NOT a PVX-guild -- We are a raid-focused guild. Though we naturally hang out on discord while working on solo tasks and sometimes do other content together, many of us also sub to other games or have other RL things going on. We don't need/rely on the guild to make GW2 fun for us outside raid times. You can always @ ping us on Discord if you need help in-game, but most of us will congregate mainly at raid times.
  • We are NOT Snowcrows -- [XP] raid leadership style is rather relaxed, and we must adjust for new GW2 raiders who are still learning gear and rotations. This doesn't mean we don't strive for effective team comps and give honest criticism when mechanics are being failed. We have a "mechanics first, DPS last" and "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast" mentality for teaching raids, focusing on perfect mechanics before high DPS output. We may employ older strats and do boss mechanics that are normally skipped in PUGS and experienced groups.
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