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How to open a public instance (strike mission)?

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Just finished the Icebrood prologue and wanted to try the Shiverpeaks Pass strike mission in the public mode - just to take a first look. (Focusing on achievements later and using lfg tool for that.)

I noticed it only offers squad mode. When I went to the Eye of the North ... same there. Only the daily mission seems to offer a public mode. Is this bugged? Or are only the ones that are at daily possible with the public mode?

Or is there another way to "unlock" the public setting for others? I thought you could just join and if there is no one else it would start a new public map where you can wait for others. Wiki unfortunately does not explain how it works. Not a single clue about this there.

Edit: Wiki says "Only the latest mission can have public instance, in which case the player will be placed in a new instance with up to 10 other players." and I found some information about reddit. Does "latest" mean ... the latest that got released? And the older ones never getting the public mode again? That would be weird imo. From the latest released stuff you'd expect most players to play that a lot - with no need for public. (And a lot of groups posting in lfg.) But I guess with the "latest" already months old ... most will have finished their achievements and just do it when it is on daily?

Guess I will wait for it to be on daily and then checking lfg. Or I'll try to ignore strikes. (Seems at least for the proloque you do not need them to finish the meta achievement cause there are a lot of other achievements. I hope they kept this similar with the later chapters you you can complete the story meta achievements without having to do strikes.) I actually wanna play the game ... not spending time to look for groups ha ha. :D (Fractal seems okay cause there a lot of players are doing it. But also mainly when it is on daily. Other ones you need to wait longer in lfg.)

Pretty pointless the "public" mode then. Should have made it hotjoin. (Afaik there also were problems that you can't just leave when you are dead - does this still exist?)

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