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TBC's Night of The Necromancers 2021 [NA Servers] Sunday, October 31st, 2021

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Greetings Tyrians!

TBC (The Tyrian Bullet Club)  is Proud to announce that we have officially Declared NOTN21  to be held on 10/31/2021.

This is our FOURTH year, and it will be benefiting the ACS


but... what is NOTN21??? 

NOTN21, otherwise Known as Night of the Necromancers 2021,  is the largest Gathering of Necromancers in a single instance. 

NOTN21, otherwise known as "the darkest night in guild wars 2",  is  an annual event celebration of the Necromancer, in all it's forms. It is an evening of games, prizes, contests, trivia, giveaways, all in the name of fighting a very bad thing our own way.... by honoring those that fought before us,  raising funds for those that continue to fight, and having an absolute blast doing it. 


but waitaminute... how can playing video games  do what you say this is going to do?

simple. the fundraiser is secondary to the events of NOTN21.  they are not going to be spammed for hours on end in a map chat.  we might get a little excited and say things you won't hear any other night of the year... but i promise, we won't ask for anyone's anything  while the event takes place.  all that occurs on streams during the event. AND, it's optional. no one will twist your arm


but other groups are much bigger, more popular, and  are doing something similar during the month?

For one thing, it's an MMO. that means a LOT of people are likely to be doing events. that's totally fine.  For another,  I encourage you all to go to any event you feel like it. NOTN21 is an all-necromancer event, that has been happening on 10/31 every year for the past 4 years,  and  we hope you will wanna show up. if not, that's okay too.

lastly on this topic... what we do is never about being popular. or well liked. or even liked. we just wanna have a good time and help people while we're at it.


but what's in it for me?

you get to have a good time, a chance at winning legendary weapons, and tons of other cool stuff.  All you have to do is show up and have a good time and participate.


but i am FTP

so? it's going to be held in an area that every single one of you can play, regardless of ftp or not. 


but i don't have a necromancer?

now that i can't help you with.  i mean, i could encourage you to make one... but let's be honest, it's  not my place to tell you how to play your game.  that's your job. 

(psst necromancer is pretty cool though)

if there are any more questions... don't worry, i will try to answer them as i go along.  just make them actual questions about the actual event. thanks. 

of course, more details will come along as we get closer.



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