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Virtuoso and his Dagger Illusions - their look should be copied from the currently wielded dagger.


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Since Virtuoso sacrifices normal Mesmer Illusions and creates Illusions of the Dagger, wouldn't it be much cooler to see illusions of currently wielded dagger above his head?

I think it would add flavor and would be a nice touch. Of course if someone doesn't use a dagger, then we could have a generic phantasmal dagger illusion skin, just like now.


Think of all the possibilities 😀, also RP ones:

Seeing drunk mesmer outcast with bunch of Broken Bottles.

Or one themed more elemental-like with Storm Daggers.

Or some kind of emissary of the light equipped with bunch of Chaos Daggers

That change would contribute to fashion wars for sure 😄, especially since Dagger Illusions stay after fight.


And it should not be limited to Legendaries only (these can have the skills animations altered), it should be just like with normal Mesmer Illusions - they show what caster currently wears, exact copy.


What do you think?

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3 minutes ago, Heinel.6548 said:

oooh 5 legendary daggers, but wouldn't it mess up the current animations real good?


But when you wield 2 legendary swords and create 3 illusions, then you have 8 legendary weapons in total on the screen. Having 5 small daggers above your head would not be that much of the trouble in my opinion 😀.


But again, I don't want it to be limited just to legendary daggers, but all of them. Copy of your dagger since it is illusion. Just like with clones.

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3 minutes ago, Heinel.6548 said:

i mean the animations, like the bladesong skills and the utilities, they all work with the current daggers thematically.


Oh, I see. I'm not sure how the animations are made, if they are predefined (whole animation), or if they use phantasm dagger models inside. If the first one, then you're probably right, but if they use models inside that can be changed, then it would be even better than I imagined, because you would see your daggers flying and stabbing alongside with mesmer particle effects ☺️.

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