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  1. Well I mean no one uses this skill. There is not one PvE build that utilizes this skill and in competitive play it is untouched.
  2. No it shouldn't they already gave a legendary amulet for free which nullifies the need to do sPvP as it is. As the item states it is legendary there should be a grind and something to work toward. Unlike most MMO legendary items in this game are more of a convenience factor however you don't require legendary items to play the game. I gotten all 3 of my legendary accessories in 2 weeks from doing seasons of dragons which is the legendary amulet, there are tons of overlap with the trinkets. This is just an excuse for more free handouts.
  3. Not really back in the days before they had this change mesmers was at a better spot because their resource was not capsized as they had both phantasms and clones for shattering. This was especially more relevant towards competitive play than in PvE as a 1 second delay for phantasms to turn into clones means your enemy had a 1 second more time to react. In competitive play, 1 second is a lot more time than you think.
  4. Clones and phantasms were nerfed to the ground because ANET decided that they didn't want AI based gameplay yet they decided to release stuff like Mechs. That aside a QoL change that would be good is to allow you to shatter phantasms without needing to wait for it to turn to clones.
  5. Honestly, this is a skill issue. You have 5 blades on top of your head that you can look at the circles for the blades aren't small that you can't tell unlike catalyst fill-up bar. Like every game you just have to play it more and get familiar with it. People who have mastered Virts don't even bother looking at their blades because they naturally know the rotation in which skills will stock up blades and how fast blades will stock up. Can there be QoL changes? Perhaps but this is a non-problem.
  6. A good DH arguably counters Mirage esp power Mirage, this is a moment of get good moment and it's not even trying to be mean. Traps destroy clones before they can get to the target to actually apply the damage, and if you are having issues with DH just go Willbender as it is one of the most broken specs in WvW to roam. Don't try to make Mirage as some sort of OP class because as stated before, combine all damage mitigation abilities Mirage is actually on the lower end of the spectrum even with this "invuln spam". Again learn the class before making comments like this because it is factually untrue.
  7. I never understood what people meant when they say power mirage is suddenly good. Power mirage has always been a thing since release with the constant nerfs in the past other classes are just simply better with less effort. To say power mirage is now strong after the changes which btw didn't change much to power mirage is just untrue. As far as the new trait, IH is still infinitely better on power builds as having 3 gs clone ambush just does more damage stacking vuln + getting high might stacks than getting ambush after shattering which to me is counterproductive and pointless and the whole point of ambush is to maximize your damage.
  8. If the content that were released was consistent thought-out the years then I would 100% agree in terms of promoting the game however that is not the case. Developers may not even need to clear it to playtest and understand bugs that shouldn't be there, It is like ANY job if a cook makes food to know if it is salty or not they don't need to finish the whole dish they just need to taste test it which is the same concept to the devs and their own developed content. No, because unless they completely change the current combat system it is still completely relevant towards balancing in both PvE and PvP content. Or why they are not able to implement certain things in PvE due to the combat system.
  9. This isn't short sightedness more or less how absurd it went from CO CM to Cerus CM with no in between. If anything it just highlights that ANET don't know well enough about their game because they themselves have not beaten Cerus CM to balance around out. All they can do is look at the current what 4 groups that are competitively attempting it for world first and see what adjustments they need to do. This isn't shortsightedness this is fact that devs that don't play their own game and expect the playerbase to come up with the conclusion for them is a recipe for failure and disaster. Bugs that would've not been there if it was first playtested properly but not doing so. If what I said at the end of the day doesn't matter then don't bring up the topic for which I am just replying to you how wrong you are.
  10. At the end of the day the current buzz to this fight is tons of people who have cleared all the high end CM and hard content are not touching this fight due to the current state which is no different than people complaining about dagda CM or dragon's end. It is quite contradictory when you say that content is invisible to anyone outside of this game but at the same time lash out that I am living in my own GW2 bubble when no one outside of the "GW2 bubble" cares about what the hell Cerus CM is because again you stated yourself "content is beyond invisible to anyone outside of this game." So again I fail to see where who this is going to expand to besides the small number of players who actually do hard content. As far as it being a failed PvP game it's because ANET decided there was more money to be made in PvE casual then more PvP competitive play this is very apparent with the changes in PvE compared to sPvP and WvW. However mechanic wise and combat wise GW2 was made for PvP and competitive play. You want to talk about successful PvE content games go look at WoW or FFXIV. At the end of the day due to how combat was made for the intention of being more PvP style oriented, this is the reason why the game gets more and more difficult to balance with new specs that came out throughout the years and now with the new weapons.
  11. With a lower HP threshold mechanics can be skipped or you can phase the boss before a certain mechanic happens, this is very obvious with HTCM let alone a title run where it requires all of them to be empowered. Many of whatever they are doing were speculated in normal mode in how things would be done, in fact in normal mode no one really bothered to understand why you had to pick up the orbs and how that affected the boss, so whatever strat was developed isn't new knowledge to those who dedicate themselves to understand mechanics in normal mode that could translate to CM mode, for example certain locations that made malice walk a bit longer to buy more time, in fact there are 2 spots for it not just one. If it is possible to 6 man clear the fight it means the extra 4 slot can be used as carry slot, the point wasn't to highlight that but the fact that HTCM was more mechanic based then a heavy dps check like Febe CM. Again HB bloat is very much a thing again unlike HTCM I'm pretty sure if the boss's hp wasn't so bloated at it's current state many of the 10% mechanics can be skipped this is very obvious with HTCM where mechanics won't go off so long as you phased it. Again mechanics wise cVirts are the only ones that can cleave through malice and maintain uptime on boss as they are the only class that can pierce and high condi uptime. Now if epidemic was not nerf I'm pretty sure it is doable with other condi classes however that is not the case. You are also forgetting that cVirts are able to distort as a oh crap button which is why in KO CM cVirts stacked their AoEs because it can be mitigated with distort allowing more space for people to handle their aoes. People defending that this isn't hp bloat is hilarious to me when Cerus CM is the first boss to have near triple hp compared to other CM bosses.
  12. 5000 players is that excluding the ones that bought their clears? Some groups can carry 2 at a time where as even more insane ones can carry 4 at a time. Regardless almost 2 years later that number is quite abysmal again HTCM level of difficulty is nowhere near the current Cerus CM. Again, HTCM is more mechanical whereas Cerus CM difficulty comes from HP bloat that requires peak DPS checks. The problem with this fight is the comp that it requires. If a fight is so inflexible that it requires 6 cVirts (again the only class that can maintain dps uptime on boss while piercing through malice, not to mention portals distort and feedback) scourge (high barrier uptime + scourge portal) and 2 revs that in itself is already bad design and a failed instance fight.
  13. I don't know what kind of buzz this content creates no matter how you spin it. Anet has a problem advertising their game to begin with, this is no different than the buzz HTCM created. The only thing that will be remembered of this fight is how meme it was with the bugs and the nerfs with the terrible fixed comps.
  14. Prior to the Nov 28 patch Mesmers did not have a viable healing build, however with chaos traitline and inspiration traitline overhaul that was made possible. But the thing with Mesmer heal is that unlike other healers, our main source of healing comes from clones/phantasms and shatter which is all resource that doesn't happen until there is a target or in combat that was the huge issue and still is until the rifle. However, the rifle does not really utilize any of our traits just like I have said about how Virtuoso "psionic" or "glamour" don't have traits correlating to help it rather to lower CD or some bonus to it.
  15. Sorry I do mean PvE but what people don't see is also the fact that chaos armor also gives protection which you would be surprised how rare that is in PvE instances. With illusionary defense and chaos armor tho it is RNG between 33% of 3 boons that chaos armor gives the protection uptime is pretty kitten high. Protection is a very undervalued boon in PvE and very much needed in competitive play. Another thing is in competitive play staff brings phase retreat which is a means of mobility and escape as well as chaos storm giving both resolution and aegis both which can come handy in PvE instances. Staff provides so much utility is why it is pretty much staple in almost all content in terms of support wise.
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