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  1. Like Virtuoso is such a random name when Blade Dancer could've been the alternative name to it. BladeDancer BladeSworn which stems from the same expansion would not be far fetched if they were afraid of overlapping names. Like bladesong skills would also fit into the theme of BladeDancer.
  2. Honestly it really depends on build but most of the time its because the fact that mirage only has one dodge in terms of outputting dmg Mirage heal as clunky as mirage mirror is, it is extra dps with evade that interacts with your clones. Also another reason why mirror isnt too great is also because if u stealth and u reflect something u will be taken out of stealth and revealed.
  3. By the looks of how the new E-Specs are looking, I rather have the watered down nerfed version of Mesmer we have now.
  4. Its not that the build is good its that everything else got nerfed. It generally does no dmg in areas where stats are not heavily stagnated. Look at MM necros, it went from a troll meme build to one of the strongest builds in sPvP. Point is it isnt the build its everything else that got extremely nerfed that made the build strong.
  5. I don't get how this became a thread for Ele mains to complain...or other e-specs for that matter. I guess Virtuoso design is lacking so much identity that it can just be disregarded. I think people are so kitten confused on Mesmer mains thinking losing clones is why we hate this E-Spec. I can assure you many Mesmer players out there is happy there is a cloneless spec, however what it lacks is the proper tools to be cloneless. Concept of cloneless is good, the execution of how its done is horrendous. From all the E-Specs that have issues right now I am very well sure that Virtuoso is goin
  6. I mean u dont do really anything in WvW and in sPvP i guess you can hold a node for a while....
  7. The one dodge on vindicator is indication that they will never give mirage the dodge back.
  8. Again never understood the concept of why raids or PvE is a benchmark to a usefulness of a class. Top DPS or Moderate DPS at the end of the day its just clearing the content faster or slower. PvE can be done either or there is no such thing as we need an AMAZING OP DPS to clear content, cuz again its PvE. Infact over the years you can just skip mechanics or phases or simply stand in the AoE and not even worry about it.
  9. CC is a valuable resource in which you allow other dps to not require to do that to continue dps rotation. I just dont see the need to bring virtuoso in a comp group thats all. DPS isn't like amazingly spectacular.
  10. Between Virtuoso and Pchrono I would rather have the Pchrono over Virtuoso. I rather take something that offers more then just 3k more dps. Virtuoso offers nothing but DPS and it's dps isn't enough to warrant to be a selfish high dps like staff ele use to be to take up a slot in the raid.
  11. Lol they did targeted nerfs twice on minion's HP clearly you don't understand how stupid the Feb patch was. Its funny how idiots complain about the Chrono bunker meta when Feb patch made bunkers even stronger. Yea Im sorry I didn't read your post clear enough its the same as I can't understand why people are glorifying CMC's work. LuLz
  12. Pre Feb patch it was almost reportable for playing a MM build because people thought you were trolling. FYI your CMC god of balance actually don't want AI builds to be relevant guess you can't even see clear enough what your balance god is trying to achieve, but hey no one not even ones that aren't a fan of him can understand as well. Also there is no micromanagement for MM builds so this already discredit a lot of your claims.
  13. This perhaps in other MMO that isn't GW2 where you have 2 dodge abilities as well as utilities that give evade/block/invul. This isn't even accounting for the amount of skills that can interrupt casting. This isn't skillful play if you want bigger tells. Seems like people just can't handle faster gameplay.
  14. I doubt those calling power creep dont really understand where the power creep is and is blaming class mechanics as power creep. Thats why ANET devs don't know how to nerf or balance things cuz they themselves dont know. Power creep started when HoT dropped and PoF just continued it. Its quite hilarious PoF was the blame for whats happening now when HoT was the start of it. People are just ignorant and yell power creep when they cant handle or fight a class because they are ignorant to learn the class themselves. Like many have said before, Necros are strong now because everything g
  15. Actually no the whole discussion is you deciding to comment on a post I made a single post which I have other posts here that isn't JUST about that. Again where did I say that Virtuoso isn't a valid espec...? Again you are hung up by that one comment I made and started this WHOLE fiasco like you would normally do on other threads. Also stop editing to try to correct your posts its annoying when trying to quote your texts.
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