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  1. Can we just have iboga's hallucination effect it will be more effective then any clone or monster that serves as a "distraction". Even a open world mob is more effective at confusing and debilitating enemies then Mesmers.
  2. what the actual hell are people talking about lol MM scourge was insanely strong and had been nerfed several times....
  3. That is because Mirage is the only real viable e-spec left for mesmers to be somewhat competitive in PvP. Buff chrono and mirage will be gone if the changes are for the better.
  4. Sorry I dont know what this topic have to do with my feelings but i guess thank you? So can you list out why Inspiration is problematic or why Chaos is problematic? Aside from just saying Chaos and Inspiration are problematic where lies the problem....? Thing is both of them are terrific traitlines only because rest of our traitlines dont offer enough due to removal of traits and complete changes that does not synergize with what we have based on the nerfs we have received over the years MANY of our builds were removed thus resorting to those. Having both Chaos and Inspiration trait
  5. You seem to have a hard time that ANET creates a product for the consumer, so in a relationship of consumer to provider relationship its the consumer that has the power not the provider. Again not asking for the provider to heed every single call of the consumer but meeting a middle ground is a thing. If the provider creates a product that is bad and the consumers are having issues with it, then clearly the product itself is bad. I don't understand why this is so hard for you to grasp. Its not a few people asking for this MANY players have asked for offhand dagger since the release of th
  6. Actually no it fits really well that Virtuoso should have 2 daggers I dont know what your argument is that it wouldnt. Considering it already has one dagger in the mainhand having both should not ruin the whole concept of the class. In fact it would fit the class theme even more with more blades dual wielding daggers with 5 flying daggers on top of you. As well as giving more options to mainhand offhand combinations to master like the name Virtuoso.
  7. So congrats on trying to get back to the topic at hand because in every discussion you always put the its not the dev's vision crap to players maybe viable suggestions.
  8. So indirectly you agree with me that expansions don't mean success people each expansion every e-spec had issues and players had been asking for changes because like you said it probably isnt what the devs envision the e-spec to be, and so with each expansion there is less and less player count, at least in competitive scene. Luckily I quoted you before you changed it to be something else. Anyways before you continue on rambling please get back to the topic that Virtuoso needs off-hand dagger. Cheers.
  9. Again it was never about the e-spec its the WHOLE picture adding on the the e-spec. The balance changes made in the February patch, SPvP bots and hackers, SPvP removing trinkets instead of actual balancing, Alliance only NOW being worked on even tho this was announced YEARS ago. This is the Mesmer part of the forum thread ofc its only focusing on Mesmer but across ALL the classes people have been talking about the balances around each of the classes. ALL of this is a collection of issues, Virtuoso is just the new hot topic of said problems.
  10. Having expansions dont mean the game is in a healthy state lol. In fact expansions at this point is hopefully keeping them alive longer. With each expansion players have quit game modes that have been forgotten like WvW and SPvP people have moved on. Again you dont know that each expansion yield more players infact it can do the opposite. So game releasing an expansion does not correlate to game doing well. Biggest example is WoW.
  11. The edit didnt go through but thanks for correcting it now you can re-read what i said and it will make more sense.
  12. Ok im sorry what? Either you need to rephrase this comment or you are clearly trolling in which ill just end all direct conversation with you here.
  13. Ok so the devs create a class that THEY want but its the PLAYERS that make the majority of the population of the game not the DEVS. If the DEVS are making this said e-spec how they envisioned it to be they dont even make 1% of the whole gw2 playerbase or community. I mean that is basically what your defense has always been. I mean yea the developers that make the game but a game is only as successful as the playerbase not the developer. You can have a team of genius talented developers but if no one plays the game then it doesn't matter what the developers had envisioned. Hopefully u get
  14. Again its no shame but its clear base on the history of balance patch notes and the common denominator of player complaints of balances is clear that they dont play the game enough.
  15. oh im sorry you meant sPvP for some reason people seem to forget WvW is also a legit PvP gamemode.
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