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{NA player}Looking for small to medium size lgbtqia+ guild.


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I'm a returning player who's looking for a small to medium size guild who likes to keep it that way. I don't want to join a large guild, for reasons of my own. I stay in pve land so as long as you're on NA, it's fine. I tried combing through the guilds here but didn't really see any smaller ones. Anyway, thanx for your time.

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Hi! We, Fluffeh Unicorns [FU] are a small NA guild just starting out, 18+ only, PVE focused. We aren't specifically lgbtqia+ but I am a part of the community and do not allow anything but inclusivity. If you are interested send me a mail in game @ Lulucifer.6154 with any questions or if you want an invite (please include name.#### for invite) 🙂

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