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New to the game Confused.

rashid.6407rashid.6407 Member
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Hello everyone, i played Gw2 early release with the heart expansion and made a chronomancer long ago, and stopped because i got annoyed of the opitimization weird fps problems, anyhow i want to go back im still confused i do have path of fire its normal to go back and get hero action points/power in heart of the wild and vanilla zones right? Also i heard its normal GW2 to run like that. Anyway thanks i dont know what to play tho spellbreaker or Chronomancer first all look fun to me. i did do some of the story from the original Game and Heart and
a lot more in path of fire. Anyway i do not mean any disrespect to the game i do love it but i get so confused with the fractal and dungeon things iv done some of them too. I guess i should stick too the World PVE events for Hero points and than do the story or do them together in a steady slow place for a while until i get the grasp of the game|? oh wait i am still a mesmer i forgot how to get chrono hehe :D


  • Cuks.8241Cuks.8241 Member ✭✭✭

    You can get hero points anywhere you prefer but Hot and Pof give 10 points per challenge and vanilla only 1 so it will be a lot quicker in Hot and Pof. Pof is more solo friendly though. And yes it is completely normal to switch zones to get the hero points. I'm guessing you are trying to get the hero points for chronomancer elite spec.

    If you are confused I would recommend you play some story or open world events to get the hang of it and explore the maps, get the waypoints. You can switch between stories (vanilla, Hot, Pof, living world stories) anytime you like in your hero panel. Stories will lead you through zones. Maybe world meta events will be of interest to you. These are big events that are on timer, many people join them. Use the lfg tool to join the squad and join the commander's map instance (right click on a player in squad and join instance) to get to the map that does these events. The timers for events are here:

    In general wiki is full of information on everything.

  • Ikkeman.9280Ikkeman.9280 Member ✭✭

    I suggest you go through the story first. That way you can unlock locations and masteries that are otherwise inaccessible.

  • pugster.9378pugster.9378 Member ✭✭

    There are usually Hero Point Trains for HoT. Look for groups running it and it starts at Verdant Brink going thru Tangled Depths and you should get everything except one unless you have itzel poison lore. For PoF they are pretty simple to get once when you progressed thru the story and they are usually soloable.

  • Altion.9576Altion.9576 Member ✭✭✭

    Do the story , when you are done with that you will have a firm grasp of all the confusing things.

  • tim.4596tim.4596 Member ✭✭✭

    You aim to do the story from both HoT and PoF maps, once you've done those 2 main story you can continue the journey with LWS3 and LWS4 and then Bjora maps. Needless to say a lot of catching up to do. Make sure to pick a class that you enjoy since quests are character bound.

    Once you've done that or alongside that, you can then try some harder content like Tier 4 Fractals, Strikes, or even Raid. The true end goal of GW2 is pretty much AP completition so run around the map and try and do achievements whenever you can, some achievements are more valuable than others, for example Aurora can unlock you a legendary trinket and Vision too.

    Some mounts like the beetle or the sky scale are also locked behind achievements. They require you to do lengthy collections They are usually well made and take you around Tyria, and show you some cool hidden place in the game that'd you'd probably never stubble upon if not for the achievement, so it's not as bad as it sounds, and you do get a shiny reward at the end.

    Once you've done all that.... well... join reddit and cry like the rest of us. And complain on a daily basis about the lack of content xD