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Drizzlewood Achievements all hidden

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edited November 17, 2020 in Account & Technical Support

So I have been trying to deal with support with no success at all, hopefully someone here has the answer.

The Story Icebrood Saga "No Quarter" was locked for both my friend and myself, yet he could see all the special Missions unlocked and progress in these. Although I have unlcoked 33/40 special missions such as "Clear the Mine" and "Communications Breakdown" i am unable to see any of these achievements in the achievements tab. the reason I can do Drizzlewood is because Jormag rising is unlocked.

Sometimes I will get progress notifications and can click on the achievement notification, but when I close the hero panel and reopen it I am again unable to see the achievement or search for it.

After speaking to support they said I needed to unlock "No Quarter" story mission even though my friend's was locked as well (Which I had to repeat to support every time as they kept suggesting his was unlocked). So I have spent the 200 gems and guess what, I am still unable to view these achievements. i cannot even view "Glory to the Ash Legion".

I enjoy drizzlewood but it is frustrating not being able to know progression within the zone. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please respond.

Thank you