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  1. "Expansion-like"? The irony. πŸ˜• Looking forward to the amulet. I hope the achievements tied to it will be fun and not a mere grind.
  2. Okay, a large group at least, I thought, not just a small hunting party. You sure about the numbers? If so, my bad. Jhavi's only active purpose in the IBS was to yell commands during events. The character has zero depth. Everything remotely interesting that has happened to/with her happened off-screen and was told to us afterwards in short, boring texts. You call that compelling writing worth of a descendant of Jora?? Edit re (1.): "It is generally believed that if a hero manages to damage the fang, that hero will rally the norn and they would be capable of defeating Jormag onc
  3. You totally missed the part where Taimi reported that Braham had gathered an army of Norn who would follow him (after he cracked the Tooth) to go and kill Jormag. And then everyone was miffed to find that Jormag had been put back to sleep. Braham even scolds the Commander over this when they reunite on Istan. Jhavi has been a story prop, a mere plot device. There is no depth to the character at all. Whether she was there or not did not make a difference in any way, because the presentation of the character (or rather the lack thereof) was a complete joke - as exciting as watching a grain
  4. Not all translation pages are as good as the original (sometimes missing content), and of some English pages no translations exist. So that can pose a problem. I'm not a fan of Discord, either (and am glad our server's TeamSpeak is the primarily used voice chat tool), but if you need it and don't want to install it on your computer, you can always use it via your web browser instead. πŸ™‚
  5. There is a huge difference between a story not going the way you wanted (re: personal expectations about the story's direction) versus a story just being told in an awful way (re: poor execution of a story idea). Just putting that out there...
  6. Keep it! I wouldn't want to live my GW2 life without it anymore! The countless times I have removed upgrades from ascended gear once meta builds changed or when I had to shift weapons around between characters - it's priceless to have. πŸ₯° P.S. I have a lot of legendary gear, and perhaps will no longer need that item when the Legendary Armory is released. But until then it's of great help to me. I wouldn't want to play the game anymore without one of those, either. πŸ˜‰
  7. The "Confused" option actually confuses me. πŸ˜„ The "Laugh" I often feel tempted to select when someone cracked me up with a comment (and let's face it, there are quite a few people with a healthy sense of humor around here) but usually go with the "Like" option instead. "Sad" feels completely displaced (unless someone is reporting the death of a GW2 friend) and can be used as a passive-aggressive reaction, as seen by the example in the OP of this thread. πŸ˜‰ So yes, some of the options are really weird and should probably be reconsidered.
  8. What the game currently needs most urgently is decent story ideas, their proper execution, and better character and dialogue writing. No "end-game content" can ever replace that. Housing is far down on my list at the moment.
  9. When you don't know how to get a certain recipe or item (or even mount), the Wiki will always be of help: https://wiki.guildwars2.com Fractals are not meant for solo-play. Also, when you are new to them, having people in voice chat to explain things to you can help. For WvW, find the TeamSpeak or Discord server of your world (you can ask in-game on Team Chat), join, find a public squad there and be introduced to the game mode properly.
  10. I neither like nor dislike Aurene. I have felt completely indifferent towards her for quite some time now, due to most characters being really badly written by ANet (especially lately, but even before that on several occasions, yet never this consistently). They all have no depth (or are all mere clichΓ©s), many even no real purpose (take Jhavi, for instance: what a boring character wearing the name of a heroine... Almorra's replacement my behind). They are all two-dimensional props, plot devices to drive the story forward, nothing more.
  11. By my own experience, the in-game report function does nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. If you want something actually being looked into, you need to submit a Support Ticket with screenshots and additional information (time of the incident, name of the pet/guild etc, translation into English of required). Otherwise nothing will happen. As Support Tickets always receive a response, you don't need an additional notification. And it actually gets done.
  12. What a silly suggestion by the OP. You want to see even more players quit than already have?
  13. Has been suggested several times on the other threads, and yes, I agree that this would make the whole fight look less pathetic than it currently is. It could also answer a few open questions if the "aftermath" was added as well (Eir's bow, for instance).
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