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  1. Ohhh, this thread is not about the elite specs' skill icons but profession icons? πŸ˜‚ Okay, I think I have been sleep deprived lately. @OP: I find the elite specs' profession icons easy to memorize and recognize.
  2. I agree: new skill icons have gotten worse over the years with each expansion. You need to play the specs to actually memorize what they do as the icons themselves are often generic and don't provide much of a hint (if any). Some professions are worse than others in that regard (you can basically see that different artists have worked on them), and I think a big issue is the fact that sometimes the artist tries to cramp too much symbolism into the icon rendering it completely "unreadable" in regard of its meaning. Icons need to be simple and clear.
  3. Yes, that stuttering at fast camera turns has always been there and gotten even worse lately. It's gone when you switch to the DX11 beta, but unfortunately said beta still has too many bugs to be used permanently. Hope there will be an update soon.
  4. A customizable UI More/New body types for human females and male norn (including a proper rework of armor scaling on certain body types across all races) Better customization of the Settings, like separating Character Outlines from Post Processing, more Sound Options with separate sliders, etc More Graphics Options like Sharpness Better customization of the Chat Window (e.g. locks, a sorting option) A customizable Character Selection Screen with sorting options and background selection (and fixing the racial display size issue) A new WvW map with new mechani
  5. Apparently, I confused the Guild Halls by name. πŸ˜† Windswept Haven is the Vabbi one, not Lost Precipice. Ouch... --> https://i.imgur.com/7ely7z9.gif
  6. I don't think ArenaNet cares about gameplay streamers or their audiences. I don't that much, either, and don't even know who Bellular is. Asmongold I only know because I watched a lot of Ashes of Creation and other big MMO reviews lately. I also know and like Josh Hayes, beause his videos are always on-point and I enjoy his sophisticated tone and manners; he has mentioned GW2 several times in his videos.
  7. In the character icon, the irises are still popping out of the eye sockets for the new male human faces: https://i.imgur.com/QWWhCIq.jpg I reported this months ago. Can it be fixed, please?
  8. Here, I reformatted it for you. Copy&paste should work: __________________________________________ GUILD WARS 2 Welcome Service With the upcoming End of Dragons, the 3rd GW2 expansion, it is time to get back on serious work for any newcomer that may come to have a taste on all the INFINITE GW2 contents, even before getting to lvl 80 and start end game business! Even if β€œGW2 Welcome Service” has the shape of a guild, being already plenty of cool and epic Guilds that can assist and provide excellent end game experience, this is not a real guild; its main goal is providing a
  9. ANet removed the ability to post images on these forums ever since they switched to the new software they are now using. Formerly, you could embed images from Imgur.
  10. You can copy the text into Windows' Notepad, then select all and copy it back into your post. That should remove any formatting. πŸ™‚
  11. And now again in standard font color so that people using the dark theme on these forums can actually read it. πŸ™‚
  12. In the case of GW2, there would be no guarantee that quantity equals quality when it comes to story. So no, I don't see a reason to switch to a subscription-based model.
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