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  1. This. I miss the days where you mainly played for the fun of the content. Now it's mainly "grind, grind, grind."
  2. I am sure many new players will eagerly go for the free stuff. 😉
  3. I have no incentive to do so without a proper reward. 😄 Them being part of the WV Daily gave me an incentive and they were a nice diversion from the usual "Dodge", "CC", "Loot", "Craft" and "Gather" objectives. Aww, shame. But I was also talking about EoD mini dungeons and jumping puzzles when I referred to "non-Central Tyrian objectives", which I also enjoy.
  4. Well, I can get into T4 on my alt account anyway via a small detour, so this is just an annoying barrier anyone with a main account on T4 can actually circumvent. If you want proof of someone's level of experience, you should check their main account's UFE instead of locking T4 Fractals for their alt accounts.
  5. I would keep it bloody and dirty just to have it look better! 😄
  6. I certainly hope that many of the non-Central Tyrian objectives I like won't get removed from the Dailies schedule. That would be a shame. I'd also be missing the Activities if they were removed.
  7. No, that was my point all along, hence my example of my alt account (how I knew how to pick the important Masteries etc). It is not up to you to tell me what my point was, because I should know better, no?🤦‍♀️ You just misunderstood my message.
  8. That was not my point. My point was that new players may have difficulty to decide which Masteries are useful to them, since there are many useless ones.
  9. I have to agree that many Masteries are utterly useless, making them feel like a pointless grind. I started building up my alt account late December, and I have already fully equipped three builds with ascended gear and 150 AR. My advantage is that I know the game inside out and therefore knew what Masteries to level first (and where), what content to play (example: how to get into T4 Fractal groups when the account is still T1), etc. We can't pretend in good conscience that the bulk of existing Masteries isn't overwhelming for new players. This is a serious issue, I am sure, and we shouldn't be downplaying it or calling those new players "lazy".
  10. And there I was, thinking I'd never have to deal with Chak again outside of HoT (and SotO, obviously). 😉 Well, ANet's new approach on content (i.e., grindy Achievements) surely has cured many completionists of being completionists ever since EoD. 😄
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