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  1. That is true.😄 I am in general a bit disappointed with the small amount of new options we got - I hope there will be more with the release of EoD. I also don't understand why 5 out of the 6 new male human faces have to have such narrow space between the eyes and crossed-eyed irises.
  2. The Asuran magi-tech and the Charr steampunk elements were modest at first. As I mentioned in other threads on the topic, I had to get used to those two factors as well, but they were implemented in a believable and acceptable way at the beginning. Then, the magi-tech got out of hand and became downright "modern Earth technology", and the steampunk also became too dominant over time (see Drizzlewood Coast, for instance). And that's too much for my taste, especially with the prospect of a full cyberpunk Cantha at hand.
  3. I apologize for the initial overly emotional reaction of my OP. It happens at times. 😉 My point is: cyberpunk is a completely different genre than classic fantasy. GW2 started out as the latter (though it had its own atmosphere from the start), and I would perceive a jump, as gradually as it might have been "prepared", from the latter to the former as (excuse the dramatic wording again) a "betrayal" as I didn't start plaiyng GW2 to play a cyberpunk game. I don't want it to take that direction. If I wanted cyberpunk, I would be playing a different game altogether, not Guild Wa
  4. 1. This isn't Asia, it's Cantha, located in a fantasy world called Tyria. That's the beauty of fantasy worlds: you aren't limited to cultural dictates from Earth history. 😉 2. Quite a few options have been added recently to allow people to create non-binary characters. I find that okay. We are no longer living in a culture where people are trapped in mindsets of what's "typically male" and "typically female" (or shouldn't be, at least - your post proves that we are not there yet).
  5. That's not how these types of psychological disorders work, pal. If it were as easy as "simple willpower", no one would have an addiction problem. This goes for gambling as much as for smoking, alcohol, drugs and even unhealthy amounts of food consumptions or sugar addiction etc. Anyway... Funny story: I recently revisited the secret cave in Lion's Arch with the skritt ecto NPC in it, simply because I hadn't been there in ages and was bored. I started interacting with the NPC in order to sell a couple of things, when out of the blue another person arrived and started lecturing m
  6. While it might not be on my priority list for the game, I would still welcome the introduction of cool swimwear. A few truly beautiful designs have been posted, so: why not? 🙂 By the way, 140 people beside me seem to agree. 😋 P.S. I am still holding my breath for some sort of exciting underwater content in EoD, but that's a different topic. Simply using the chance to mention it. 😉
  7. ...in the character icon: https://i.imgur.com/QWWhCIq.jpg As you can see, they are popping out of the eyelids. P.S. Also, the maximum head size is visibly smaller than that of the old faces - please fix?
  8. Cyber-this, and cyber-that... Now they've even replaced the old Watchknights statues in Divinity's Reach. No classic hunter's cape or tea set can make up for this crap. (They think they can fool the people who dislike the design direction the game is taking?) 😡 I think EoD will be my last dive into GW2, if its future content means Tyria will turn into a futuristic world (like cyberpunk) rather than stay on the track of classic fantasy. 😥 Edit - final thoughts:
  9. Go with a KP group - the Kodan will die within 1-2 seconds. (Side note: the first pizza piece is harmless as it deals 0 damage.)
  10. They haven't even done anything about making the Twisted Marionette event more visible and/or adding more attractive loot. One has to wonder... P.S. 30+ mins for a Dragonstorm meta run is a bit exaggerated. 😉 Say 20+.
  11. You forgot about the knockdown flame wave that you need to dodge. The other AoE fields are the stripes and the pizza pieces at the end - the former can be avoided by simply standing in between, the latter by getting both brothers down to 20% health so that the final one will not live long enough to create damaging fields (you need a decent DPS group for that).
  12. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bag#Vendors Wintersday starts soon, so... 🙂
  13. That's not really the point, though. This topic is about having an option to solo them without it turning into a meta-rotation exercise. I could do them with people from our community guild, organized and all. No LFG required. I still would love to be able to have a story mode with story mission difficulty.
  14. 😂 That's the number one concern! I still don't like any of them by design (except maybe the Elementalist and the Revenant specs). Oh welp...
  15. Oooh, what a great point! What if they have (against all odds) managed to capture the Deep Sea Dragon to use it as a power source?
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