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Ping Spikes and Freezes in GW2 only

i have Ping Spikes and freezes ( get teleported back to the location ive been 20 seconds ago). I only have this problem in GW2 .. my normal internet connection is fine.. in every other game i have a constant ping of 20 and in GW2 it rises up to 600. Im Playing on Whiteside Ridge from Germany. Any suggestion on how to fix it? Cause i dont see any news about server issues.


  • Same problem =S

  • Same exact problem. Playing from Portugal on Gunnar's Hold. Started happening a few weeks back and it's making me go mad.

    Nothing is wrong with my connection, it only happens with GW2 and i have no idea why.

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    Same problem. Also form Portugal on Blacktide.
    The game goes from normal 50 - 80 ping to crazy spikes more than 1000.

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    Having the exact same issue! From Canada on Maguuma...

    Used to have 40-ish ping, now spikes to 400 and 600...

  • Been happening since 3 days ago, here from Indonesia, most of my guildies having this problem as well, in fact we were in a raid squad when it's happening. couldn't play without using vpn.

  • same thing it froze to the point i can't pvp, so i went to dragon stand, was afraid to do it bc 2 hours and u get kicked from the game... no thnkas. thanks fully it was so dead i took the chance. Then missed out on vet farm in sw riba, then I decided to go to do some semi afk farming, and the quests there was bugged npcs were dead and wouldn't go away, and the mobs wouldn't spawn the the npcs there and if you revived them they would just sit there. Also ping spikes and lag made the game unplayable. some guy on map chat was upset because he couldn't leave the map. kitten is going on? I haven't had this problem in days/weeks.

  • Same issue here. The lag spikes start in the evening, no issues during the day.

  • same problem here!, getting freeze every 1 minute and Ping 2k

  • it's been happening for me too, both pve and wvw.

  • me to no response from gw2 team go figure

  • Started getting this issue today also. Tried playing both on WiFi and tethered 4G and get the exact same spikes, so it's definitely GW2 having issues.

  • same here no ping on other games. tried everything. Any solutions?

  • Having the same issues. Getting random freezes and ping spikes in the thousands.

  • I've been having issues with this over the last couple of weeks. I'm based in UK and playing on Gunners Hold.

    Running mtr shows that problems start inside the Amazon cluster (I'm basing this on the fact that all IPs beyond my ISP resolve to Amazon EC2 IP). It takes 6-7 hops to get from my machine to ISP -> Amazon transition and then over 10 hops inside to get to the map nodes. the ping spikes usually show up after 10 or more hops from my machine.

    I definitely notice it happening most in certain places, generally with high populations in close proximity, WvW maps, World Bosses and Fractals are the main offenders, however it can, and has, happened in various LWS4 E1-3 maps and story instances as well

  • Same problem here. Lag spikes usually go up to more than five seconds. I'm on Elona Reach and having this for quite some time.

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