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  1. Here's how I'd change it up ; Dhuumfire allows shroud skills 1 to apply burning, varying in duration and intensity depending on the specialization. Core ; Life Blast ; 2 stacks for 4 seconds. Reaper ; Life Rend/Slash/Reap ; 1 stack for 3 seconds. Scourge ; all F skills ; 1 stack for 5 second. Remove ICD in PvE. How do y'all like it?
  2. I'll have to do that ; seems it does go to my temporary files and deletes itself after 1 week.
  3. So approximately 13 seconds after posting this I realized that on each occasion, I had previously done a full anti-virus scan. Is it possible that my anti-virus confuses it as a threat and deletes it? If that is the case, what file would I need to classify as an exception to my anti-virus?
  4. Twice now, I've had an issue where the game seemingly deletes itself and forces me to re-download the entirety of the game, all 50-ish(?) Gigabytes. I've no clue as to what caused the files to delete themselves.
  5. Surprised Lich Form wasn't removed and replaced with something else. It is the subject of a lot of complains, and not without reasons. I'd rather it be replaced with a tweaked version of its 5th skill ; "Grim Specter".
  6. Yesterday it worked fine, today I get a message saying "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher".Do I just reinstall or am I kapüt? Edit : After deleting and reinstalling the game client, it seems to be working. At least the game client properly opens, now.
  7. To my knowledge and experience, Necro is mainly the AFK farming class.Just park, summon minions and you're good.
  8. Necro here, mostly in high platinum 1 (far from the best, but still semi-decent?) ;Lich form is definitely something I wish would be replaced.Sure, it is nice to have a "oh M E R D E" button that makes your victory so much more likely, but gameplay-wise I find it to be so bland (Plus, being on the receiving end of it is more annoying than anything. The first time, it's a slight moment of panic, but as you get used to it and just always expect it, it just goes from "Oh no what do I do!?" to "Oh boi time to hide behind a texture for 10 seconds...".)A massively powerful transformation like th
  9. My good self, obviously.As if there were any other possible answers...
  10. I did always find it strange that Wail of Doom dazes rather than fear.
  11. I do think that some of the necromancer's core weapons could have some effects tied to minions. For example ;Dark Pact could grant all your minions superspeed for 3 seconds.Mark of Blood could grant all your minions a sizeable life-steal effect for 5 seconds.Enfeebling Blood could grant a 10 second buff to the minions in the area of effect that makes their attacks inflict bleed.Unholy feast could grant minions in the area of effect 3 seconds of quickness. This set of new effects could be a replacement trait for Necromantic Corruption, which I find quite underwhelming in its current form.
  12. To make them more appealing/competitive to Reaper's Onslaught, I thought they could both decrease the Life Force degeneration speed.Blighter's Boon could decrease it by 50%, thus allowing for proper tanking/brawling.Deathly Chill could decrease it by 33%, or perhaps 25%. What do you guys think?
  13. Has there ever been a peaceful/beneficial interaction between the allied races of Tyria and Kryta and Krait?Has there ever been such a thing as a neutral or friendly Krait encounter?
  14. I have the permanent contract repair kit, is there ANYTHING I can do with the regular ones that doesnt involve just wasting them? could I trade them in for anything?
  15. Personally I am worried that we are going to see more Ability-related traits disapear. First I believe it was Spectral's trait, the one that reduced their cooldowns and increased their duration that got deleted.Greatsword's being reworked into not being greatsword related.Now Wells's trait has been removed. Am worried.
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