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What Anet got right.

So in the spirit of the season decided to give Anet some love.
Basically this is a look back at GW2 pre and post HoT and PoF. Here's why I play.

  1. No monthly fee. I know many say it detracts from pay to win content, I will definitely disagree with many games abusing that model with a monthly fee.
  2. Living Story. May not always go the way I'd like, but it definitely adds to the story and keeps the game fresh as time marches on.
  3. Gliding. It was a good addition to the game that allowed for a more 3d style of tackling maps.
  4. Mounts. Love em, they may be a bit awkward at first but their addition to the game hasn't made it less fun for me.
  5. Elites. Much like mounts and gliders they can enrich gameplay.
  6. Halloween. Thanks for the additions, I truly enjoyed the holiday and gameplay.
  7. Taimi. That little Asura always brightens up the mission with her optimism and ambition.
  8. Eir. Besides her demise she was a major benefit to the game.
  9. Logan. For doing what's the best for others even when it could result in his demise.
  10. Rytlock. For being well Rytlock.
  11. Rox. Brings a good levity to the group.
  12. Marjory. Nice to see a Necro as someone focused on good.
  13. Zojja. Really stood out when taking on Zaithan.
  14. Teq, nice to see a world boss that brings soo many players together.
  15. Verdant Brink. Still my favorite HoT zone for it's diversity and night cycle that really changes play.
  16. DS Meta final fight it does feel like a large scale fight.
  17. Aurene. I know it's been a cutesy mini, but the story has made her feel more like a living entity and someone we care about.
  18. Mini games of HoT. Charr car is hands down my favorite, enjoyed the simplicity and fun of it.
  19. Tybalt. Still miss that kitten Charr.
  20. Acheivements. There are some that have been a grand addition to the lore and really make it all the more fun.

Hopefully there's more to look forward to, and many more fun stories in store for the future.


  • Triple Trouble. In my opinion the best event yet.
    Patches without downtime. Let's take a moment to appreciate that we don't have to take a day off every week.
    Wintersday. Since you mentioned Halloween, I thought I'd mention the other big festival.

    No skin should be exclusive to gem-store rng boxes.
    What really happened with mount skins

  • Tequatl.... awesome re-playable not too hard yet demanding teamwork boss.

  • Guild Wars 2 is a masterpiece of a game. Its actually quite awesome. From the great art to the fantastic amount of content. Its fun. Sure its not perfect but this system was built by real people who deserve some credit for their hard work and excellent product.

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    How did you forget Canach

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