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September Monthly Automated Tournament Delayed to 9/24

Hi folks,

Unfortunately, we're experiencing some bad connectivity issues in Europe. As a result, we need to delay September's Monthly Automated Tournament until tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ben Phongluangtham
Game Designer
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  • np Ben nerf spellbreaker meanwhile

  • do you know exact time tomorrow ? thx

    Buff scourge plz it needs more sustain. thanks and gn

    Flash - SlaSh
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  • Thanks Ben hope you sort out all the connection problems before tomorrow then, also nerf weaver sword it does too much dmg, ty.

  • can't you move it to next week instead? since some people (such as my teammates) wont even be able to play tomorrow.

  • not a pvp player or participant anyway, but i think moving it to next week would be better. i doubt that the connectivity is better tomorrow...

  • So why did you change BOTH tournaments instead of just leaving the NA tournament? Theres nothing wrong on NA atm, just put the EU one on pause.

  • update has been done in game its tomorrow. cu in game boiz

    Flash - SlaSh
    Eu PvP-Only Player - Support Gameplay - Best of the Best Eu

  • We talked about pushing it next week, but thought more people would want it sooner. But if more people want it next Saturday, we can do so.

    We had to push NA as well as EU because that's just the way the system works.

    Ben Phongluangtham
    Game Designer
    Reddit: ANET_BenP
    Twitch: AnetBenP

  • for instance my team just prepared all month with QP's and scrims/practice and now its pushed back 24 hours when I myself and many others I know called off work for it/only have friday or saturday off and I realize that this was made apparent on the forum but it was 1 hour before ingame start time and it switched over to 24hours randomly and everyone started to freak out, i know alot of other teams were preparing this morning and now all of a sudden this forum post was super lowkey and this is a major inconvenience for alot of people, I understand EU Connectivity might have been an issue but a 24 notice on something people prepared for is kind of unjust ..

  • increase the tourney rewards cause of this. Ty

  • Have it next week, giving us this short notice to reschedule and adjust for players that cannot play tomorrow is simply unfair to the players that were ready and cancelled their plans to play today. Therefore having it next week will provide a better and more enjoyable tournament

  • Obindo.6802Obindo.6802 Member ✭✭✭

    What's equal between having it tomorrow and next week is that a person might not be able to play any one of the days. The difference is that some people might have work the same day each week. So those who this apply to who would be able to play today might not be able to play tomorrow, however be able to play next week; Saturday-Saturday. The other difference is that there's no time for people to adjust and reschedule and not such a short notice. It makes no sense to have it tomorrow.

  • Why is this decision being made based on forum posts in the first place? People being more vocal about it isn't equivalent to the actual representative opinion of the community. Not to mention the conflict of interest people might have when they can all play tomorrow and know that other teams they are in competition with can't.

    In the end, it's just one tourney and I don't really mind. I'm speaking though for the people that DO mind. Plenty of players I know have been practicing a long time for tomorrow and shouldn't be punished for an error on anet's part.

    Retired proleague S1+S2. Thief/ele/guard.

  • Please do it next week! 1 day beforehand reschedule is too soon.

  • @Darek.1836 said:
    I'd rather have it tomorrow. I can't get next weekend off because i already took off Saturday and Sunday for this monthly.

    same here

  • i want the moon so bad :3 pls make it next week

  • a week to compensate for the small time frame that was given to us isn't asking much, giving a week is acceptable so people can plan it out, but 24 hours to plan for something that should've been today? That's a bit much ..

  • Rescheduling the monthly AT by a week seems like the best choice imo. Gives people a chance to clear up their schedules and play around with some of the new specs for such an event

  • I'm getting kitten either way, gj as usual.

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