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  1. Hey folks, We've been reviewing the situation on NA of having most worlds at "Full" status. As a result, we've decided to make some changes in the math that determines when a world is full. You'll notice that there are a lot fewer full servers now. We'll be keeping an eye on things in case there are big unintended consequences. Thanks for your patience!
  2. Cmc looked into this over the weekend. There was an error in the configuration file that didn't have the proper size of the single elimination bracket for the number participants we had. This should get fixed before the next monthly AT. This is intentional in Daily AT's to shave time, but for monthly AT's, we definitely had intended that any team with only 1 loss make it through. With the set up we had last weekend, the tournament ranks all swiss participants to decide who goes on to the single elimination round. First by win % and then uses opponent win % as a tie breaker. So in this case, the other teams that made it through with only 1 loss faced stronger opponents than you, which is why you didn't make the cut.
  3. It hasn't been forgotten! (I haven't got mine yet either.) It's on the list of things to do, but there's been a few technical/time hurdles.
  4. Problem i see is that no one likes to do tournaments. Finding team is hell and so far almost 90% cases went to players getting upset quit and leave. Matches you get as "pug" group match with premade plat groups and have 0 chance to win. And add to that waiting for hours literally to be smacked by those few teams who constantly run it is a bit of a issue. How you compare it to wvw ring for example that went other way , too easy and almost no actual skill/effort ?I was trying for few days now asking on map for guild, team, to play tournaments and i asure you answers i got went from "gt*o" to no one does that kitten. Not single person responded positive. And im player who does pvp on some "regular" base.I wish to play the mode to achieve item, but it feels really really bad as it is atm. I would say , if we would have waiting fixed, better matchups to similar skill level teams, this could work better but right now , at least to me its really mess. It's match wins, not winning the whole tournament. During the swiss rounds, the system does its best to match you against a team with the same record. So, assuming you lose the first 2 rounds, by the 3rd swiss round, you are not against any team that could likely be considered good. Your chances of winning should go up every round, assuming you're trying at all.
  5. There is a reason we made both the T1 and T2 versions legendary. The T1 version (slumbering) doesn't require tournament wins. But if you want the version that provides some fancy effects, it's going to take a bit of effort to find a team (maybe put one together yourself!) or brave lfg. T2 is purely a cosmetic reward, so I personally don't feel it's out of line to make it require a bit more leg work and team coordination. GW2 PvP is essentially a team mode and at least some of the higher tier rewards should reflect the effort it takes to build and maintain a team.
  6. There are some server issues. They are being looked at.
  7. We alerted platform engineers on this a couple days ago and they are still investigating. I've heard it happening to a couple others people as well. Unfortunately, no update yet.
  8. Yeah, we probably should have phrased that differently. It's going on pip reward tracks. Which come with seasons (including the 2v2 mini-season planned to start soon.) In my opinion the event implementation wasn't thought well enough. If you release an extra pvp rewards event it should be made within a season, since having extra pvp rewards but without pips/season chests doesn't encourage you to play that much.It is within a season. They are on the 2v2 pip reward track which is active right now!
  9. Yeah, we probably should have phrased that differently. It's going on pip reward tracks. Which come with seasons (including the 2v2 mini-season planned to start soon.)
  10. Yeah, we know it's very late for EU. But we hadn't done a lot of testing during NA prime times. Many NA players haven't had a good shot at getting the title.
  11. Hey all, We're running another Swiss test this evening at 6PM PST.Known issues: Clicking on the standings may still crash your client. The columns in the UI still do not line up well. Thanks for your help. P.S. If you previously participated in a swiss test that didn't finish, the plan is to get the titles sent out at a future date.
  12. Yep, our plan is to release it next week! We think it was really mainly 1 bug that was causing the tournaments not to finish properly. We're testing that fix today. The UI issues, we already had fixes for, they just can't make it to live without a release, so will out on the 25th. This isn't to say everything is guaranteed to run perfectly. There are likely still refinements we'll want for the UI in the future. But if today's tests run well, we should be pretty much ready to go! We also can switch tournament formats back to current functionality fairly easily, if the worst happens next week.
  13. It's 12PM PST/ 20:00 UTC. We have identified the issues that were causing problems last week and will implement those before starting up the new tournaments.
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