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  1. Cmc has no clue how to balance thief. Legit buried every single meta spec of thief since he started balancing 😂
  2. 😂😂😂 just u wait theyll nerf sword2 to cost more ini
  3. Seeing you stream im surprised you ever got above g3 tbh
  4. No i want every given title removed as well
  5. Remove titles and make soloq only then add more generic reward like materials etc for top250 to make legendary gear or whatever would be the best
  6. Wintrade wont stop with duo gone, only removal of titles will. And yes to both imo
  7. Raiken farmed every bs so far as scep/dagg. And im going of boyce word bs/cata can go either way. And when i scrimmed w fly he was killing catas just couldnt be on node
  8. Huh i dont get what ur asking? BS loses to scep/dag cspec w thousand needle trap. Cspec can beat cata with scep/p but you cant be on node at all so theyll full cap u for quite long so its not worth it. BS vs cata is skill MU can go either way
  9. What? Condi specter loses to untamed and harb atm, and not worth fighting a catalyst, beats bladesworn for example and absolutely shits on any power thief build except deadeye
  10. Specter has 12 ini, you can cast 2 shadow shot and then u have used everything 🤣 Omegalul, no sword either.... 😂 yikes
  11. What the... ???? Daredevil has 3 evades not specter. And yes the ui for specter is still bugged and is hard to see we have said fix it since beta. Slow is scepter/pistol which is condi specter only not power(u play sword dagger and dagger pistol so no scepter slow spam) siphon got lowered from 5 to 3s, wouldnt mind it get lowered to 2s tbh. You talk about blind and say power specter spam blind and condi specter too. But what blind are you talking about? @Grand Marshal.4098What pulsing stab does specter have?
  12. How about remove cc not doing damage and revert the tradeoffs? 🙂
  13. vs Akimbo mode in swiss vs team copium semifinals Finals vs Akimbo mode All games with comms as well
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