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[EU] PvX - Rétry From Checkpoint [DEAD]



  • Hey, long time GW1 player wanting to give GW2 another shot. Been "playing" since Day 1 (and bit in beta). Don't have the expansions yet since took a quite lengthy break from the game after the launch since wasn't too happy with how game played compared to original so that will probably limit my ability to do current end game content, however would still like to have some people to chat with and maybe guide me with how game works these days, what is worth doing etc. in PvE side :)
    Playing mostly on my warrior atm, but probably will give a shot to other classes when I get more familiar with the game.

  • I've sent you an invite @Thatsafy.9041 Please join our discord ^.^ It's in the message of the day!
    We're still recruiting!

  • Still recruiting! :)

  • Bump .-.
    Still looking for a few more >:)
    Also looking for 1 or 2 more for our raids. Feel free to msg me Zietres.4871 ingame if you would like some more info >:)

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