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Spirit's aura of the gods

Greetings friends,

I'm looking to improve background of my character and I have to show what I thought for everyone in our gameplay. (This message is direct to developers ;P)

  1. I thought an aura visual effect like Koda's Armor from EoTM given from the forge in blue zone.
  2. Energize the item that give aura effect to a guild hall's oven or forge. Ex. There is a beautiful place top of the jumping puzzle similar to a "MagicForge" .
  3. 6 auras each for 6 gods of tyria. Every colors give special pve bonus, +0,5% Power by Red's Baltazar Bless, +0,5% condition damage from Grents, etc...
  4. To give the aura we could accomplish a sequence of tasks around Tyria, different for every god. Ex. Escort ppls for Kormir etc...
  5. Every aura determine the legacy, the background of a player's story.
  6. We can use these aura's from Novelties menù like a potion transofrmations (slot 6) and they can be hidden to a hight populated place like miniatures.
  7. Could be awesome if aura give bonus to players around and not just to the player who have it.

For a roleplayer this could be a great task, but for everyone it is, I think, a good content to do.
This content could be a way to make players from different lvs to play togheters, and for veterans to come back in old maps to do somethings to the others.

At the end I think that these auras do not put so much work to the developers, because they have all the code required to add the content.

Easy improvments.

I would be willing to spend gems for these auras. :)

Walk Safe <3


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