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  1. I think that the theme is there, it somehow fits lore and leaves some room for interpretation. About the combat though. - Having 2-in-1 legend is a great idea, but the execution feels very weird and unintuitive to me. - The utility skills are somewhat random but check all the boxes; mobility, boon, stunbreak. - The energy drain on Urn is nuts. - F2 zwapping skills inside legend is cool and requires planning. The 25 energy cost is a bit too much to me. - Elite spear throw is.. just a damage skill. **Greatsword** - auto attack lacks any anima
  2. Hey,I'd like to highlight some of the bugs and inconsistencies that Revenant has across weapon skills. Some of them actually affect the flow of gameplay. Coalescence of Ruin (Hammer): lacks sound effectsdisappears on uneven terraindisappears randomly if cast when movingdoesn't hit targets in melee rangeit's been in the game for months nowSearing Fissure (Mace): the fissure appears outside theactual hitbox, behind the player and part of the hitbox stays emptyjust like the CoR, the bug's been here for monthsSpiritcrush (Shortbow): unable to be cast from behind or side. Not particularly a bug, j
  3. The GW2 Upgrade, that got me a Mistfire Wolf elite skill.
  4. Just give it some damage back and it would be fine. Or even better, it's called full counter. It should return a certain percentage of damage from the last attack. I said that about a year and a half ago. That may be hard for them to code up... Not that I disagree. Still it was easy to allow for the negligible damage because of the 2s daze, but now its just a normal daze length, and last I checked other skills that daze like that tend to do damage post CC nerf. How about just make it a 0.5s daze and give it a 0.75 coefficient in return. That is auto attack levels of damage.Well, there are Hea
  5. I think nobody asked for this, but once these items started showing up in the GemStore people have become willing to spend hundreds of dollars on it.People like to flash and shine, it's a status. Just like a fast and loud car that everyone hates hearing outside their window. ANet shouldn't have introduced these items in the first place, now it's kind their way of making money. I'd say we are likely to see the increase in quantity of this laser shining garbage. Even after watching End of the Dragons teaser I can say it's going to be an eye-burner.
  6. Well, GW2 nowadays looks just like any other flashy MMORPG, because ANet wants it to make as much money as any other flashy MMORPG on the market - and these skins earn them a LOT of money.As sad as it is, today's MMORPGs aren't made around believable world-building, inspiring characters and aesthetic visuals. Also the fact that we, the players who started playing GW2 at launch, are now 8 years older makes us more picky and knowledgable in terms of game. I would compare today's Guild Wars 2 to the latest Star Wars trilogy (7, 8, 9). It just reflects what the market and target wants. What might
  7. This is actually a very strong request. And the fact that we already have the VFX and skins in the game makes it obvious that it's the way to go. This would make Engis so much more interesting to me.
  8. Yup, it's the most boring design in the game since the first Beta Weekend of PoF
  9. My feeling is that the entire Renegade was designed with Raids in mind. Before Path of Fire Revenant wasn’t the best option to plat that mode. So, as above, Shortbow is a good weapon for huge stationary targets which means nothing outside of Raids or the Inquest Mega Golem world boss in Mount Maelstrom. It can feel pretty good when you land your skills but the performance drops dramatically when it comes to moving targets. This applies to the entire Renegade Specialization since your whole utility bar, even heal, works like that. There is a PvP build that utilizes Shortbow but using Power. An
  10. I wish we could see the actual Revenant that was being during HoT development. Currently I feel like the devs are trying to streamline Revenant and make it just like 8 other classes, which is lol.
  11. I strongly agree with you. The game is about fun, and fun has many faces. Failing is part of the gameplay. Sadly, once we get the grasp of Raid mechanics it becomes pretty bland after first few clears. MMORPGs that focus on builds more than player's reflexes are always going to go that way.I love the versatility of MMORPGs, but because of that they lack in the depth of each mechanic. It's like the jack-of-all-trades, master of none. So rarely any content will be as challenging as single-player RPGs and rarely any story will be as engaging as any RPG. And because MMORPGs are this kind of always
  12. Yeah, looking at the Original GW boss mechanics Shiro had, I really think that except the skill names not much of actual Shiro was left. The whole Jade-green concept seems pretty cool but I don’t feel all that powerful, when 4 of my skills do; Movement, movement, speed, heal + buff. At this point Jade Winds seem like the coolest actual skill in the kit for me, just because it does something different than the rest of the kit. Thanks! Glad you like it.
  13. Actually Riposting Shadows (current Phase Traversal) was nerfed because it has no CD and deal big unblockable damage. And since Revs with Shiro are most likely running double Swords, there will be a lot more movement in the kit that is cheaper. Deathstrike’s CD is lowered, and you get a flip skill. I wanted to make Shiro less slippery, and focus more on sustain and speed. I agree with the PvE side. This could arguably be a nerf for Revenant, but as Renegade shows - it’s all about numbers. The Quickness wouldn’t find much use in Raids as it’s already near permanent. But we could always tweak t
  14. I thought about transferring condis but that is already Mallyx’ job so I didn’t want to take it away from it. But yeah, it’s a good idea. It came to my mind that Shiro’s actual Mediation of the Reaper is split into Revenant’s 3 skills. Unifying it into Shiro and giving Glint + Shield something different could profit Revenant. Initially I thought about Quickness on Chill with ICD, or Quickness when your target’s health drops below 50%. Similar to Warrior’s trait. This would increase the healing of each healing skill Revenant has, since you would life-siphon. It could work like the new invok
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