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Regarding upgrades in back items

I've returned to the game after about a three year hiatus, and noted that my back piece (Exotic Elegant Tailors Backpack transmuted to look like Rata Sum Apparatus) had a medallion of the assassin in the upgrade slot. Naturally, I figured it would benefit me to get a crest of the assassin to replace it - however upon trying to apply the crest in it's place - it would not overwrite the previous medallion.

Being uncertain about whether or not you could overwrite previous upgrades like the game was like in the past - I spent 250 gems to get the 3 pack of upgrade extractors. I removed the previous upgrades, and even now it will not allow for me to use the Crest on my Exotic Back piece.

My question is, why is there not clearer descriptions in the upgrades when some of them are not going to be applicable to "an item with an unused upgrade slot." If this is not a bug and purposely intended then the descriptions should clarify when you're about to waste gold buying them and perhaps even gems on the matter. I don't need any kind of refund, just pointing out that even after giving y'all three years to try and win me back over I'm definitely back on the fence regarding buying expansions now - instead of eager to return and try out the new mechanics. Thanks for your time.


  • The crafted backpacks are level 78;. Crests require the piece they are upgrading to be level 80 and is noted in the item description below "Double-click to apply to an item with an unused upgrade slot" by "Required level: 80"

  • @No One.3716 said:

    "Required level: 80"

    Yes and I see that the crafted backpacks require your character to be level 78... the requirements of the items do not clearly translate into what can be combined. That is why I posted this in the technical support instead of bugs forum - because it is not clear enough before you make the mistake.

    Plenty of other in game descriptions have been clarified for less important reasons, and as my 5 characters have all been level 80 for over 5 years now that tooltip is simply useless to me. It is just something the development team should consider fixing and I've yet to see a reason they can't make it clearer.

  • I'm not sure it could be clearer. It states that the item must be L80 to use the upgrade, and the backpack clearly states it is L78.

  • Items do not have levels, and all it states is the requirement of the character level. Perhaps your english is better than mine but this does not clearly translate - no matter how frequently you feel it does. Please keep in mind not all players of this game are from the US or the UK.

  • Items definitely do have levels, as indicated on the item.
    Here's a note from the Wiki regarding upgrades: Upgrades must be of equal or lower level to the item being upgraded.

    I'm sorry to hear you were not familiar with the mechanic and terminology of items that use upgrades and upgrades themselves.
    If you feel you purchased the Gem Store item for no purpose, you can contact the CS Team and ask if they will kindly replace some of the Gems.

    Good luck.

  • The problem runs deeper than a description can address, because "level" gets used a lot.

    • Characters have a level
    • Items have levels
    • Upgrade items have minimum item level requirement
    • Food & utilities have a minimum level requirement
    • (there are other uses, not relevant here)

    Character level determines the level of gear a player can use, the level of food. Items also have levels, which determine which upgrades can be slotted.

    So your L80 character can equip and L78 backpack but that backpack can only accept upgrades with their own level of 78 or below. Crests are L80, i.e. too high; medallions are L60, so they will work.

    You character can use other backpacks that are L80 and those will accept the crest; the ones created from crafting will not.

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