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[EU] REBELLICIOUS [RBL] | LF MATURE PLAYERS | age 30+ | all levels | Discord | www.rebellicious.eu

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Rebellicious is an international gaming community for 30plussers. We aim to provide a fun, mature and well organised gaming environment. In Rebellicious we like to do things our own way. You will not find us racing to the highest level or eating through new content in a day or two. Instead we enjoy, explore and evolve in our own pace. We strive to be an easy going community that within set outlines, basically runs itself. If you are the type of gamer who embraces the guild as their virtual home, adopts his guild mates as new best friends and is motivated to stick around for a long time, we might just be the guild for you.


To become a member you need to
• be 30 years or older
• have Discord (voice optional, text required)
• enjoy both banter and good conversations
• be the proud owner of a decent English vocabulary that does not include excessive swearing and cursing.

Rebellicious games

In Rebellicious we have been playing Black Desert Online since 2016 and have a maxed out and very active roster there. We are now expanding to Guild Wars 2 and are hoping to establish the same kind of social and lively community here over the next few months. For the future (2020) we are looking at Ashes of Creation. Other games we have chapters in are Elder Scrolls Online, Rift, Everquest II, Secret World Legends and Bless Online. As a member of Rebellicious you can play any game you like in our community.

Our events are player-driven

Every member can start an event and add it to our calendar. The member becomes the organizer and is responsible for the activity. Other members can sign up for the event by simply adding the emoticons for yes, no or maybe either on our website or on Discord, which are synced together. Events can entail anything. In Rebellicious you are in charge of – but therefore also responsible for – your own fun and gaming experience.

Stay in touch on all your devices

We are using Discord for voice chat and Guilded for everything else. Guild news, organizing events and grouping up, sharing links and video’s: it all happens on there. Every time we post something new on the website an automatic update will be send to Discord, so you don’t miss out on anything. Because most of us have jobs and families to consider, our voice channels are usually only busy during parties, events and in the weekends. Both Discord and Guilded are available for all your devices.

The rules we live by

In Rebellicious we live by simple and pretty basic rules. We don’t have a level, gear or experience requirement, only the age requirement of 30+. You must have a working headset, download Discord and use it – at least for the text function – whenever you are gaming. Taking a break from our games to play something else, will not effect your membership but might temporarily remove you from those game rosters. You always can rejoin those rosters if you pick up a game again.


If you feel it is about time you become Rebellicious too, visit us at rebellicious.eu and fill out the application form. This form is also your key to our members only section, and triggers a bunch of automated administrative processes which allow the officers (we have a lot of those) to respond swiftly and provide you with all the necessary information once your application is approved.

After you filled out our application form you can keep track of the status of your application on our website. If your application is accepted, you will receive a chat message on our website with information on how to proceed. If you don’t respond within 48 hours, we will assume you changed your mind about joining us and remove your account from the website. We do this because we get a lot of applications for our games and like to keep an up to date roster and overview.

We are usually very quick to respond and certainly within 24 hours. If you don’t hear from us, something might have gone wrong. In that case, feel free to drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

We are looking forward meeting you!

Kind regards
Guild leader


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    Welcome to our new members. Nice to have you with us. Our recruitment is open and we are looking for more 30plussers to join us. :)

  • A great guild with lovely people and a friendly community behind it. The guild is still looking for more people to join and help us grow!

  • Yesterday we had a 80year old joining our ranks in one of our games: who says gaming is for the young only huh?! In Rebellicious we have members in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and now also eighties. What a wonderful world the internet has given us! ;-)

  • Tonight we have our monthly Round Table Meeting for all our community members on Discord. We catch up and talk about the state of our games, answer questions and take suggestions. It is a fun and very informal meeting were everybody can speak their mind.

  • We had a very, very nice Round Table Meeting last night with a lot of laughs. We were also able to welcome almost a dozen new members that joined our ranks over the last few days in our games. And last but not least, we added a GW2 town crier to our staff of NPC’s on Discord. Amongst other things, he keeps us informed about world bosses spawning and daily quests available.

  • The Rebellicious Newsletter has been published and sent! It is not a regular issue but we make one every so often, usually between 4 and 6 times a year. We done it since the start. :)

  • We are still looking for a few more 30plussers to join our ranks! :)

  • It is weekend! Lots of time to play. :)

  • Great people, good fun! If you're a newbie, a returner or a veteran who just wants to enjoy their time in a friendly, no hassle community then check us out! :)

  • We are growing and are looking for a few more 30plussers to join our ranks! :)

  • Hey I'm interested to join the coummunity.
    Pls send me a mail ingame
    I'm 32 years old :)

  • @LeonieAlexia.3750 "If you feel it is about time you become Rebellicious too, visit us at rebellicious.eu and fill out the application form. " Hope to hear from you :)

  • We still have open slots to spare! :) Visit us at rebellicious.eu

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