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World Bosses(are they worth the time)

World bosses is something that happens in almost every map in the game but are they worth it or should i say are they not rewarding enough. Ive played gw2 since it came out and i always looked forward to fighting a world boss not only cause it was fun but because it was also rewarding but now every single boss i fought ether gave me uncommon items and a pieces of unidentified gear or just 1 piece of unidentified gear and junk. i could easily do a few missions in path of fire expansion maps and get more rewards for the same time of doing a world boss. There is still many people that do world bosses but not as many as there use to be because many just think is rewarding enough anymore.will there be anyway to change this or will this be a new thing where tougher missions are just going to get less and less rewarding to do


  • I don't think one can make a universal statement about World Bosses, because they vary considerably. All have comparable bonus loot; they don't all have comparable total loot. And they all take different amounts of time.

    Given that none take more than 10-15 minutes, I'd say "it depends."

    Clearly, none are going to be as rewarding as Dragonfall or Silverwastes metas. Then again, World Bosses are largely self-contained events or have only a modest number of required pre-events. Five people with decent damage can manage most of them with zero trouble.

    Here are the reasons I stopped chasing World Bosses:

    • Been there; done that: I've been at all of them dozens, if not hundreds of times.
    • WBs used to be one of the few "massively multiplayer" aspects of the game; now they have lots of competition.

    The loot is secondary to me. It's true that the guaranteed drops haven't evolved. It also wouldn't matter much to me at this point, unless they were so drastically updated as to destabilize the economy.

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