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Can (LWS2) achievements fail?

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I've never been an achievement hunter. Until today I had never chased an achievement save for the Good Apple title. Playing my second character through LW Season two, I thought I'd go for it and looked up the possible achievements for my current story, Into The Labyrinth. There were/are three, Connect the Dots, Labyrinth Runner and Master of the Maze. I should have received the first and third upon completion of the instance, but got neither. The first, Connect the Dots requires you to retrieve your companions in a specific order, Rox, Braham, Jory and Kas. I did that. The third requires to not be caught by the Mordrem Lurker. He never caught me. He never attacked me nor I it. The instructions aren't clear if the requirement applies for just the player or the entire party. Members of my party did fight it, just not me and I wasn't even close. I can forgive not getting that achievement, but the first one I don't understand at all. It was simple enough, find the party in order and I did.

Since Google showed no results for this being a known bug, has anyone experienced this or have any clues as to what I could have done wrong? Any advice on how to properly avoid the Lurker would also be helpful.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: It is possible my issue is the same as the one in this topic:


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    Season 2 achievements only unlock after you've completed the episode on that character. If you've never completed it or you did it on a different character you'll have to play it again before you can try for the achievements.

    Other than that yes they can fail, if you do something (or don't do something) to disqualify yourself from getting the achievement then it won't be awarded. There will be a marker on your buff bar for each achievement you're eligible for and if that disappears without you getting the achievement it means you've failed and will need to try again.

    Also bear in mind some achievements aren't awarded until you finish the episode, so if you're sure you should get it and the icon is still there but it hasn't been awarded try playing through to the end to see if that fixes it.

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  • I've had some bug out repeatedly. The one for not using any of Scarlet's toys to clear out the Inquest in the cavern just won't work for me. Grr.

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    The key is that you have to repeat the missions on the same character in order to get the achievements.
    LS2 was coded a bit different from the following content in that sense.

    Again: the first time you play through LS2 on a character, you will not earn any achievements, even if you did story on other characters before.

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