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good builds past tier 2 gold?

trunks.5249trunks.5249 Member ✭✭
edited January 11, 2020 in Ranger

i love my trapper and its very good in gold. however i have seem to hit a wall anything past teir 3 gold 99% of the time i am in tier 2 gold. is there any condi options past gold or do i have to drop condi and go for a power build? keep in mind i have played condi ranger since this game came out. so anything else is out of my wheel house if condi is a no go . would love to see what its like past gold.if the only option is a power build i will have to practice for months. thank you for any advice or help you can give


  • aymnad.9023aymnad.9023 Member ✭✭✭

    On trapper ranger you have to take huge risks if you want to go mid and as a sidenoder you might lack some survivability.

    I do not have any builds I can recommend you right now. I dropped condi since hot where it already became weak (people walked into traps like it was nothing). I also noticed you made a similar thread a few days ago. Sadly on condi ranger loosing traps means loosing dps and taking traps means losing survivability. You can still improve to reach bottom plat1 but that will require a lot of effort (and some luck).

    Maybe the next big balance patch will change that but right now power is the best option if you care about ranking. Core power ranger and slb sicem are solid choices for power. Slb has more damage allowing great plays but can become weak if the enemy team has counter play (pressure on you or anti projectile skills) and core offers a great balance between offense and defense if you also want to side node but is not fully on the level of some specs.

  • Dantheman.3589Dantheman.3589 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I played boonbeast(can find a basic type on but usually with menders or a gs/axe-axe build also with menders it with beast mastery instead of nature magic and with stances, shouts and survival skills like the heal and quickening zypher in plat3 all season solo q, I think these builds are great- boonbeast is what I play for sidenoding and the Gs I play as a Roamer- you can also try Lb sicem builds or bunker core ranger- these as far as I know are playable up to legend tier not sure about condition but I hear it’s not super good rn but I’d guess it maxes out at like plat1