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Heaven & Hell - 1st of the year guild hall beetle Track

I love beetling and try to encourage our guildies to try it to. About once a month I create a new track to challenge ourselves and have something fun to do in the guildhall. This time around i went back to a drift loop track as some have liked that before and others still aren't that good at drifting. I add a few more paths to this heaven route and imo its still pretty easy.

With the leftover track pieces i went under the map to create the Hell track. No safety walls here, lots of track pieces squeezed into a small space with lots of layers. Master drifting above and come down here to really challenge yourself! Trying to just stay on the track is super fun! 1st attempt at designing in this space. Guilds with more track bits available might yield a better course, but this was still fun!


  • Lamont.5973Lamont.5973 Member ✭✭✭

    Very nicely done. I'm the only one in my guild that does beetle racing and when I made our track people complained about its difficulty so I just have a simple one. I like seeing these complex and well designed ones. Love it