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Newbie Rotation help

Love mesmer profession. This is my first profession and I don't care if its hard or easy.

Only level 12 but really loving it and I see 3,4 and 5 on hotbar brings out clones. Im using sword/sword or sword/focus. Usually whichever has better stats when leveling.

Kinda confused on how they work and what to do with them. Ive been spamming 1 and 2 and then randonly bringing out 1-3 and then f1 them. No clue what to do


  • Leonidrex.5649Leonidrex.5649 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Focus 5 is good single target.
    Sword 5 is also good, but deals damage around its target.
    Sword 2 is good aoe, but it roots you in place, make sure you are positioned right.
    Sword 4 is only usefull to parry attacks, if you dont intend to parry, dont use it at all.

    Use f1 when you have at least 1 clone, the more the better.
    use sword 3 before F1 to get extra clone for shatter.

  • Here is a fun thing to do with sword mainhand and it’s also good to practise with while levelling because it can become useful later on:

    Press sword 3 to launch a clone at the target
    Press sword 2 to start your blurred frenzy
    Immediately press sword 3 again after pressing sword 2

    You will swap places with your clone you launched from sword 3, but because you started to channel blurred frenzy (sword 2) you will continue to channel it after the swap.
    This not only roots your target in place so you can land a lot more frenzy strikes, but you won’t take damage either.
    I wish I’d learned that while leveling, I really underrated that ability.

    Sword 3 is very handy and has a lot of uses, especially in pvp. Make sure to practise with it to see its limitations and advantages.

  • ShadowCatz.8437ShadowCatz.8437 Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 19, 2020

    Don't forget that some skills like leap or flurry from sword also will do other effects like cleanse when you have condition on you and you have a light field on ground. Look up on gw2 wiki about combo between fields and weapon skills.

    F1 to F4 will Shatter your illusions (which can be either clones or phantasm). Read what what will happen tool tip as it will change depending on what you pick latest even you get access from training different lines for passives.

    Depending on your Utility and Elite skill (those on your bar that ate to the right side of healing skill) you can create some fields on your own and later with Shield AoE you can combo Sword into field when you make a leap. That is just some example of how you can use fields to boost your survival or attacks.