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  1. If you start to stay at bank for long (and not move), then you will get kicked out of WvW. In anyway I would ask players that use WvW only for easy and free access of vendors and bank to go to Edge of The Mist (EoTM) as there is no cue when it is many WvW players that want to go to those static maps like Eternal Battleground (EB) or Borderlands (2 identical looking maps + Desert looking one). @evil infantry.7214 If you ever get Permanent Bank Access be careful to check how often it is actually been sold and for what price as it can take some time to become sold if you just list it
  2. Avoid the term "should" as that imply that one have no other options and it also closes all other potential view points on this matter and this is a discussion forum where it you can learn a lot from using open ended questions instead of closed ones. As for myself I like to create groups for DRMs and other stuff when needed. I even have had commander tag for that purpose for some time and that helps a lot when one want to do Bounties on maps or start a group to roll an event. People can then see on map where you are and shy people can just join up, if that don't want to tag up or ne
  3. There is a need to know what hardware you have and which version of video card drivers you use as sometimes even video card drivers might have an impact on performance in games. It is not uncommon that there might be bugs in drivers (both sound, video and general drivers like those that are for keyboard and mouse etc), windows updates packages or game (gw2 client). In short there are several places that might have impact on how many frames that are in game and how fast those are being updated (pacing). Do you use any third party app like Discord, Steam (that runs in background for
  4. Could you, please, tell us what settings you used to enable Adstock or what kind of links that need to be added in general for other adblocking apps? Thank you!
  5. Agree! Don't have a Twitter and don't plan on getting any Twitter account. Really wasted space on my 1080p display (laptop) as it places itself on right side for every topics web page on this Forum and do not really have any important that I need to read every time I check out this forum content. On mobile it is placed on the bottom so it is less distracting.
  6. Wouldn't we be back to MOTD if people can just opt out and forget about receiving ingame mails? It is the same problem when players go constant offline and you can't directly talk with them as they won't get ant type of chat messages and might have even forgotten that they once put themselves in offline mode.
  7. Structured PvP (sPvP) are called BattleGround (BG) in other games that offer that game mode, but under other name then PvP.
  8. this. im all for the same "Leave everything in the store forever". the only thing that should rotate in the gemstore are the %off sales/discountsIt might be technical reason too, considering how long it can take to update/refresh a section in web store and you will understand with all items that needs to be listed or at least downloaded before it can be displayed (or filtered), it might take too long time navigating in Gem Store the way this Gem Store have been organised. Web Server for showing items in Gem Store aren't the fastest as for response time and too often it feels sluggish.
  9. Honestly I think you need re-think how your suggestion would work if there where more use of a currency item (based on location). We have already basically Unbound Magic and Volatile Magic which cover larger parts of maps, then map based currencies and those currencies based on maps can also be exchanged into other currencies if you look up that on wiki at special NPC vendors. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Unbound_Magichttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Volatile_Magic Keys for chest are meant to get people to maps to farm or do events until they can unlock those chests and that way create act
  10. You can get a promo code as @"Healix.5819" suggested at Steelseries site, but you need to register at their site for an account there and from that site create that code. If you already are using gear from Steelseries which make use of their app, then I don't see a big problem with this and it should be better then to have Amazon getting your personal information (haven't had much of ads in my email box from Steelseries). Anyway you need to go to GW2 main shopping site where you make use of code, so it should pretty fast process after that. Just decide if you want to use the same account you h
  11. That promo code fro Steelseries is ONLY valid for standard version of PoF. Any upgrade offered while in the process of buying this item will remove access to reduction of price, meaning even when one buy standard and add 50 Euro option for getting 4000 Gems (Ultimate) then it will be at full price, same for Deluxe version. In short don't change or add anything when offered during the purchase process that isn't standard GW2 PoF version.
  12. Outside of what other posters have suggested, why not team up with someone that can give you swiftness or superspeed? Guardians "Retreat!" last 20 second (and in every game mode as far as I know - see link down in post), staff on guardians do also have a symbol which provide AoE swiftness when you go into it. Mesmer Focus can also be used to provide swiftness (you need to cross that line on ground) and there are other skills or traits from core or elite specialisation that can help circumvent the need to runes on condition based builds. In PvE you also have different options for mounts that re
  13. You need to edit link to second video as it has "https.//" twice (in the link that are actually directing to web site). You don't see in until you use edit or re-post it. Corrected link:
  14. You mean dragon FALL, or Dragon STAND there? Because Dragon FALL atm is far from dead as it is no1 gold farm at the moment of writing this post. Dragon STAND on another hand is a map with very long meta, on which I didn't set foot in ages so can't say wether or not it's dead or not....About a month ago, when I needed some crystalline ore, Dragon's Stand was fine too. I'd be surprised if It's dead now. It's a zone where you have to arrive just before the meta starts, or it will look dead. Dragon Stand, My mistake I kept mixing the 2 up.I revisit DS and parked at DS. Managed a full DS meta with
  15. I got that Choya transformation potions and tried to take camps with it in WvW. Now I can not find any Choya Sage in Lion's Arch (checked GW2 wiki for it), so I wonder if it is only a joke or does that NPC exist? Is it even possible to finish those achievements or are those meant to tease people?
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