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  1. Here is that link from GW2 web shop, if you only want to purchase PoF standard version which includes HoT. If you want access to Lily of Elon VIP (which where part of Deluxe version; this version isn't sold anymore through GW2 web shop), then you need to buy it when it will be on sale on Gem Store (it is sold as an Upgrade from standard PoF version). https://buy.guildwars2.com/en-us/path-of-fire https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Invitation_to_"Lily_of_the_Elon" https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Guild_Wars_2:_Path_of_Fire—Deluxe_Upgrade In case I misunderstood you take a look at Collec
  2. Thanks! I did get a ticket number, so now I will expect that everything went as it should with my email to CS. Just annoying that thing suddenly change from where they once where on Support and Help pages.
  3. Thanks for providing that email! How long ago is that Arena Net removed that option? It seem a bit odd that there is no information that one now have to use email instead of creating a anonymous ticket.
  4. I have the same problem as OP as even at the page for "submit your ticket anonymously" there is no other text then sign in option (button), when I use "ticket request form" in first line that are linked down here. This page have worked before to log in anonymously for starting a ticket for when one have forgotten 2FV and get looked out of account. Right now it looks like there is some issue with that support page. https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010124574-I-Can-t-Log-In-to-the-Support-Site I have two account so the one I can log into work as normal, but the one I can not h
  5. Have to add that I had the same experience as @DemonAtTheWheel.1804 using my Copper-Feed-o-matic! As far as I can telll what I saw in another thread meantion this bug it is only a visual bug, but still not fun if that would happen to make everything that it show in UI to become junk or break it down to mats (especially for the more expensive ascended food and so on).
  6. Could you or devs that work on Marionettes public instance take a look if there is bug that now trigger when one that instance and can not see any lanes or anything else on main map view? It is not fun to enter a map that is up for certain time as public instance to see nothing there and not knowing if it is due to lack of players that isn't doing this type of content or it is a bug. There is also a bug where event: Escort officer Roz to wreckage seem to be stuck. I search if there where some information about this event, but it is still probably too early for having a wiki describing it
  7. I had the same problem after game had it last patch tonight and I could enter game again in Eye of The North. As I saw that NPC for the public version where active I went to just see how far the public Marionette instance where in case I could jump in on some lane. There was nothing at all to see on main map view, no marking for WP, repairstation etc that always normally will show before you unlock WP and reveal more on maps layout, not even those paths/lanes.
  8. Why didn't you add the option to use any of PoF, HoT or core specs? None is very vague to include all other especs that isn't EoDs.
  9. Use Event timer (copy and past chat link in chat to get to WP) and you don't have to use one character standing in one map. There are three maps that Ley Line Anomoly spawn with regular intervals (Gandarran Fields, Timberline Falls and Iron Marches). You can see event time in the end of this link: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Legendary_Ley-Line_Anomaly
  10. Do you have 3 or 4 items in your inventory that you will get you when decide to use level 80 Booster for one character? Look under "Content" section in link: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Level-80_Boost Normally you will be teleported to Silverwastes and have to confirm several pop ups on screen that you really want to use that booster for that character before you will get boosted to level 80 with all core skills and trait lines unlocked and items that are stored in chests (containers). I only ask in case something stange happened and you now have those three or four items you wil
  11. @Eaglebach.7593 It does help also to use Right click on Interact (tick it to set it active) after you have toggled out of Action Camera mode, that way you can pick the correct item to interact with (chest) or NPC. It will give you more control to see what you interact with (as it will show a text description and which keybind that is set for interacting with that item/NPC, before you click with right mouse button to interact with it). OP don't forget when you have unlocked and activated Pact Commander mastery that you also need to activate how autoloot work with one of the radio bu
  12. From what I can see on your build you use Berserker attribute which give you potentially high strike damage (power - direct damage). The main problem here is that you lack condition cleanse from Sigil of Cleansing on weapon as you will trigger that sigil each time you change weapon skills (like using your professional F skills). This will reduce some of the condition damage and condition that blinds, put vulnarbility on you (which increase the damage you will take), immobility (soft CC) and so on. If possible try to replace you Berserker attribute on some pieces either to increase boon durt
  13. It depends on what you expect from a "house" in MMOs. ESO have also houses that work as in between that what GW2 have and Guild Halls where you can decorate and to some degree change things. In ESO you could diplay your trophees from different dungeons bosses and so on, in GW2 you can display some raid bosses, so there are things that work more or less the same. As people have already explained in Home Instance you can display (and use) nodes that you gather from which is part of achievements and progression through game. You collection of cats which is a large collection from different pa
  14. If you turn around your keyboard so you can see your keyboards back side, do you see any note for what brand or SKU (serial number of that device or something to ID your keyboard) that you have as that might help to see if you are tied to hardware limitation or software on how to use F keys or multimedia key mode, most likely those keys are controlled from keyboard software (drivers) even when one didn't have to install anything. It might not be necessary to purchase a new keyboard if you know what keyboard (or hardware) you have that can be changed from software or even if there is a hid
  15. That problem is most likely due to how Action Camera have been developed as a layer above tab target system (which means it is part of how UI where once orignally designed). This happen with every pop up message or dialogue input from player that it releases cursor from controlling character (movement keys - the direction camara and skill is tied change into tab target settings) with reticule and make it possible to move cursor to control UI instead. This can cause issues like this to happen when Inventory are full (this is particular a problem before you unlock autoloot in WvW from WXP P
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