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  1. your first mistake is assuming reaper deals same dps as core necro. you work under flawed assumptions and thus make wrong conclusions
  2. They have in common being unviable and getting kitten on by their more tanky counterparts your secound question doesnt matter, both would deal kitten for damage. I guess condi would be smaller kitten, unless we talk holo
  3. Its not cherry picking, if anything its you cherry picking with berserker example. All meta power builds run defensive traitlines, so saying they HAVE to take all dps is just wrong.
  4. you said " Just to point out that power specs need to pick up all the possible multiplicators to do decent damage. " which is plain wrong, all I am doing is pointing it out
  5. thief runs 3x defensive traitlines yet it has damage reaper runs kittening blood magic and it has damage and soulreaper for more healing/life force power rev runs herald which is defensive on top of healing shoved into their DPS traitlines ranger almost always runs wildernes all engis run alchemy power renegade runs retribution which is 100% defensive This is my point, power builds DONT NEED to pick all damage traits to deal damage, in fact they hardly ever do. From dps specs mirage is about the only one that goes full damage and even then mirage in itself is half defensive any
  6. no they dont, most meta " dps " specs run 1-2 defensive traitlines, dont give people this kitten. power builds that go 3x dps traitlines can casually land 10k hits onto people, I made monkey slb with skirmishing and I can land 20k rapid fire, 10k mauls, 30k barrage if pepega necro stands in it. Condi damage doesnt stack well, only bonuses you have are + condi damage, might, vulnerability and that is it. Power builds can stack 15 different bonuses to make crazy numbers
  7. ranger has decent bunch, light on your feet is 10% damage ( power damage ) and 10% condi duration. Savage superiority is 10% for both power and condi. twice as vicious works for both power and condi too. Thats why I really tried to make hybrid slb work but hybrids are just bad, instead off being good at 1 thing you are bad at both 😕
  8. skirmishing is all around DPS traitline, I use it on both of my dps builds, be it condi or power, it brings insane damage to the table. trap trait can easily be changed for vigor trait as its really good too. I hate sword, I just cant stand the fact that you cant on demand evade with it, and that alone makes it so I will never use this weapon, to me its braindead spam 2->2->3->2->2 and hope you dodged something. The mobility is really nice for condi builds and I wish I could use it without getting upset over the evade part but I am who I am unfortunately. I just use mobility
  9. guys, adding off hand dagger wont suddenly make main hand dagger any better. you are going to be playing sword/sword + sword/X anyways lulW
  10. as someone that played a lot of sic em slb, LR weaver is hard as kitten, lb is useless, and GS is easy to kite. and perma weakness makes any landed hit a 50/50 to do anything. Its a fun fight but a losing fight IMO P.S I mean good weavers, not shitters that only do 1 combo and then die.
  11. team fight : holo, rev, necro of any kind, support guard roaming : thief, rev side nodes : core ranger, weaver I have not played in like last 5 seasons but I bet im right as nothing changes around here 😄
  12. eye for an eye leaves entire world blind. small price to pay for a necro nerf IMO, DO IT
  13. people cant wintrade if the game is closed. real 5head play
  14. the aoe matters in anything other then 1v1 as 300 range aoe is actually fairly large, even more so when its centered on you, and you can position yourself between 2 enemies to force both of them to dodge. Also, baiting FCs in 1v1 is equally easy to baiting PB, mechanically its even easier as you can just run into pulsing aoe, or use it when projectiles are in the air and no longer can be denied, or use pets/clones. I would say at least 50% of the builds have absolutely nothing they can do to prevent FC. As mesmer will proc it with clones/phantasms Holo will proc it with nades ( cant st
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