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  1. petition to remove the cd, to maximize double dodge value
  2. I would be down for some small season with its on quirk. Like all celestial season, or core only season. or no rune season. Or everyone has 2x HP, but 50% less sustain season, and other gimmicks.
  3. I find it ironic that entire feb patch could be done with a 5min of programming by introducing global buff reducing all healing by 35% and damage by 30%. but nah, lets move through every single skill on every single class, forgot 25% of them, kitten up another 25%
  4. they would deal more damage by not wasting 1,5s by dodging nothing. hidden buff when you think about it
  5. It just hit me that the guy is in silver as minion mancer necro. He never had a single pvp interaction, not only most of his enemies are bots but his build also plays itself lol
  6. you cant fix him, he is too far gone. he has played minion-mancer for far too long
  7. Imagine insulting someone's skill and rating while being way under them.
  8. My guess is the made the skills bad in pvp to ensure its not OP at release, after all who would have thought warrior will get an instant teleport ability? My guess its heal and cooldowns will be adjusted over time to be much better, but honestly it looks from design standpoint that this spec in general wont be all that good in pvp, unless there is loads of number shuffling.
  9. I cant hear you over the huge gap between our rankings
  10. they nerfed 1 build, do we wait another 3 months to get another nerf or how does this work ?
  11. I have high hopes for ranger simply due to hammer, it should be very easy to make an interesting weapon with 5 new skills, guard/mesmer had 2 so that is party what was holding them back. But if they go 3 for 3 ima just play lost ark lol, it releases similar time anyways
  12. problem is that some players play this way. I know it sounds off but they are, and I bet 90% of the players you thought are bot, are actually player that are simply not good, or just dont care and are having fun. I lost plenty of fights knowing I cant win, respawned and went back at it just for practice and fun, same applies to other people. Thief might chase you all game not due to being a bot but for practice and fun. Unless you see something stupid as getting stuck on kiting spot, or someone walking away the moment you jump on a box you cant confirm a bot. because people ACTUALLY play l
  13. virtuoso doesnt have a single mechanic, its almost 2022, do we still consider throwing something at someone a mechanic ? I bet they hired a dev from fiber to do a virtuoso for them, and even then they made it more fun so they had to nerf it
  14. as someone that plays guard/mesmer/ranger im already 66% disappointed. warrior spec looks like power slb but better in every way which is kind of sad, as it was pointlessly overnerfed. I too hope new ranger spec will be hyper fun, otherwise I will probably just keep playing lost ark while complaining to friends on discord all day xd
  15. I bet I said it 20 times by now, but shroud should be nerfed as all other sustain tools were nerfed in feb patch. tick tock tick tock, just do it already ....
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