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  1. yes, taking defensive traits instead off offensive ones makes you deal less damage. THank you for clearing that up for us. well, exept when you are tanky as kitten and take no damage you can afford to run into people and lose less time dodging/kiting and can spend that time attacking. Party of why prot holo when viable becomes a stat-check build. When its good it out-everythings you and you kinda just lose.
  2. @Terrorhuz.4695 https://imgur.com/0vPH6Dd this is me getting hit by 7/9 hits from berserker by full glass chrono. I was full glass mirage. I was stunned so I couldnt not move, despite that, the skill landed 7/9 hits anyways Also I was full glass vs full glass and despite that I still only took 4,2k dmg lulW
  3. you can outsmart them in 5v5, in 2v2 you are stuck in a cage with beefed up ape on steroids outside of cage you can use your wits to outsmart the ape
  4. imagine if the same standards were held for other classes. 1 mesmer in top 10, its busted and lets nerf it. just imagine how many times revs and holos would have their legs broken if the same applies to them sheeesh
  5. they get paid for being stupid, you dont so why do you do this too ?
  6. some classes have too much dmg, lets remove all damage from the game. some builds have too much CC, lets remove all cc from the game 🙂
  7. I mean there is 1 entire build that works around burning, and like 1 another that works around immob. This is way too much, it needs to be REMOVED NOW
  8. it would hurt every single player that uses immob and burn? its like saying we should remove necro from the game, cuz it wont hurt anyone other then necro players. Necro is unfun, kitten nercro, remove it from the game. Who cares how necro players feel about. BTW burn/immob being unfun is your opinion, in fact, the only 2 classes that apply any reasonable dmg with burn is weaver and guard, and only immob that actually is annoying to any capacity is engangling roots. But as typical 5head reasoning we should remove ALL not just those problematic. Its like having an infected finger, and
  9. I mean for all its worth flamethrower scrapper can be overpowered as kitten and it will not be played, as long as necro of any kind with its corrupts is viable, flamethrower scrapper will not be. 1 build alone makes this build unplayable
  10. In general its not about a class but a build. I can rec several. - Prot holo ( OP, tanky, decent damage, good support, mobile, fairly simple ) - Core condi necro ( very simple, effective condi build ) - Scourge ( same as necro, can be played as both power or condi, less damage but also brings in support ) - Support guard ( even if you dont play guard you will get the hang of the build within ~ 3 games, doesnt go much beyond, my monkeys hurt, heal monkey )
  11. you also see them asking for perma 2v2 mode as its more " fun and balanded " kek
  12. your timer is scuffed then, do it right. It doesnt even match the snare timers.
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