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  1. playing at high level and complaining about hammer shouldnt be allowed in the same sentence 😄
  2. 25 might is not a problem if there is short duration and a cost to it. nobody is getting mad that warrior uses frenzy and gets 10 stacks for 6s. people get mad when classes like ele or engi get 20+ stacks for existing without expanding any real cooldowns to do it
  3. or condition duration, so people dont whine that burn lasts 2s and does its full dmg
  4. I call them simps 😄 all the simps saying ItS jUsT bEtA vIrTuOsO wIlL bE fIxEd that dont even intend to play mesmer made sure the spec is dead on arrival
  5. Reminder that virtuoso is the only EOD spec to not win a monthly. Reminder that despite that cata has been getting buffs while virtuoso has been getting nerfs. Reminder that mirage is far below most specs 😄 🤡 M🤡 doesnt like mesmer, its not going to be viable, at best you can play moa chrono thats all there is, if you play anything else you are trolling your team.
  6. Dont listen to most people here, they are 100% clueless giving you dog kitten for fun builds that are painful to look at. kittening tormenting runes staff/staff XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. https://snowcrows.com/builds/mesmer/virtuoso/condition-virtuoso This is the highest bench dps mesmer build, you can use this exact build in fractals too and it will function well in OW. Its also a VERY easy build to boot, you can change utility skills to match the need of raid/fractal. Its boring as kitten tho.
  7. to make sure new fractal boss steals it from clones and phantasms to make the boss as miserable as possible EDIT you guys think its funny and im joking but no, boss can get random quickness/might from clones/phantasms or regeneration which can make him double phase which can wipe your entire team. Nobody tested that kitten boss 😄
  8. Isnt this kind of funny, that the only weapon that gained quickness is a weapon that doesnt get much use out of it XD its almost as if nobody that plays mesmer does these changes sheeesh
  9. yall think they test anything 🤣 they change numbers, if it works it works, if it doesnt? oh well
  10. you had to be delusional to think +300% dmg trait was intended and not someone fat fingering.
  11. Bladeturn Requiem: Increased power coefficient from 0.2 to 0.3 in PvE and from 0.15 to 0.2 in WvW and PvP. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG this legit makes me want to go back into pvp again! oh wait, 5 dagger shatter does less damage then scepter auto from cata 🤡
  12. it was busted, a lot of builds abused this kitten to get massive burst skills so fast you couldnt react to the. it wasnt uncommon for rev to port to you, swap weapons and burst you down for 20k in that 1s with skills that have no cooldown, arcing slice with 0.3-4s cast time that does 15k etc
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